Smile Through It II: The Next Chapter

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Posted by Oli on Thursday 18th March, 2010

SmileThroughIt has moved.

Don’t worry, it won’t be changing (other than being updated more often), but as I set out to make the most of my new life, I needed to make a change.

The decision has, actually, mostly been motivated by technology. This site is powered by the free, web-based site, which was great for the olden days of quick and easy blogging.

Now, though, as I’ve become more adept at tinkering with web-things, I’ve switched to the server-based, more customisable side of teh blogging site, which allows you to make the most of all of WordPress’s outstanding features.

From now on you can read and enjoy all of my ramblings, plus more new arts-based thoughts, at


3 Responses to “”

  1. Fred Matlack said

    Hi Oli
    watching the world cup
    it is 1 to one
    thinking of you
    I hope both usa and england advance!

  2. Hi Oli, remember me?

  3. james oakey

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