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SL bloody C

Posted by Oli on Friday 25th September, 2009

This week has been great and I’ve learned a lot and I’ve a lot to blog about, but right now I can’t actually take my focus off the bloody Student Loans Company – or, for that matter, the striking postal workers.

Between them, they are making my life an absolute hell, resolutely working together to mean I have no student finance, until today no student bank account and all together too much stress for the first week at uni.

In order for me to be able to claim my student grants and loans (and pay my tuition fees), LIPA have to log on to the SLC website and register me using my student number. My student number was sent to me in the post before I came, but I unfortunately left it at home. No problem, though, because the day after I arrived, K posted it up to me.

Of course, she posted it in the middle of the postal strike and, over a week later, it still hasn’t reached me. I think laterally and get K instead to go through my home emails and dig up the number that the SLC emailed me. I take that to the finance office at uni, who tell me it’s the wrong number. This is my customer reference number, not the student number – starting in a series of 3 letters – that they need.

Not a problem, I think to myself, and shuffle off to the uni computers to log on to the SLC website (with my customer reference number) and find my student number, which will of course be on there because that’s where all the details of my claim are.

But no. They don’t have the student number on their websites. They also don’t answer the phone when you call, instead leaving a very polite message saying we’re busy and then disconnecting.

So I have no student number and therefore the SLC don’t believe I’m at uni and therefore they won’t pay my money.

What this means is that the £900 grant I should already have had paid to me to kick start me off of benefits – which I’d been on up to now – isn’t being paid into my account. It also means that the £1000+ first semester’s student loan that was due into my account on Monday won’t go it. It also means that if I don’t get the letter and the number through from the SLC before the end of next week (end of September) I’m also going to find myself liable for paying the full £3,200 tuition fees for the years.

You may now, I hope, begin to appreciate why the joys of this week’s learning have paled somewhat into the background while I have to spend the whole weekend trying to work out how the **** I’m supposed to get my student number before Thursday.

I’m not a happy bunny.

For the record, though – the course is awesome. I’m off to measure up a piece of wall and convert it to 1:25 scale.


2 Responses to “SL bloody C”

  1. Hayley said

    Sounds pretty much how my summer has gone and I have only been trying to sort out between MK council and MK college my NVQ3 registration and payment so I can sympathise with you it is very frustrating, annoying, inconvenient and infuriating……….. I have been on my course for 2 weeks now and cannot use the library or any other resource and get the third degree from the security people every time I go into college as I do not have an id as I am not registered. And it still has not been paid for so i could be liable for a lot of money coming out of my bank account that I do not have, that I should not be paying for any way. Boo hoo what a sorry state we are in. Perhaps we should start a club “The really want to do the course, but skint and fed up of incompitants!”. Keep smiling I am.
    Love Hayley xxx

  2. Jac said

    hope it gets sorted soon so you can properly enjoy the course!!
    Jac x

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