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Remembrance plug pulled

Posted by Oli on Monday 6th July, 2009

I guess there’s ambition and there’s stupidity and I’m guilty of the latter.

I was so passionate about getting this flick made that I hadn’t stopped to look at the practicalities properly, thought it all through or taken the time to develop a team who could help out with the production side.

Naiveté can be a wonderful thing in some walks of life, but not in filmmaking. I underestimated the task in hand and the likely support for it and I overestimated my own ability to deliver.

Do I feel foolish? Yes. Will I plough on and keep chasing my dreams? Of course.

This blog – back to it’s original incarnation – may well cease to exist now, or become much less frequented. When I started writing here, the idea was to talk about my journey to transplant. I’ve been there now, I’ve passed that life-saving, world-changing milestone and I don’t now want this blog to turn into yet another “today I had a ham sandwich” diatribe about the world’s dullest daily life.

So feel free to check back every now and again and see what’s happening – or even better add me to an aggregator like Google Reader and then you’ll see whenever I throw something up.

Take care of yourselves and never give up on what you know is right for you.


5 Responses to “Remembrance plug pulled”

  1. Zelda said

    So sorry to hear this – you seemed to have all your ducks in a row with regards to support etc. I hope that one day soon it happens for you.

  2. Kiz said

    That sucks dude. But dont give up on the blog. You wanted it to be about the journey, thats kool, you have taken us along with you on the journey….but its far from over by a long shot, becaue without you needed the transplant, you may not have anything to do with LLTGL or anything else relatd to what is now a huge part of your life…Thats just another part of the journey, and we all wanna hear it !

    Besides…Everyone needs a ham sandwich sometimes !! Have you seen my blog? I drivel on constantly, and I do sod all these days, so imagine what YOU could put !!

  3. Sean Bell said

    Hi Ollie. You don’t know me but I have really enjoyed keeping up to date with your blog over the last couple of years. I too had a CF related double lung transplant in Dec 06. Really sorry to read your latest posting but I’m sure you’ll bounce back soon.

  4. RichP said

    I suggest you get back to planning and creating something a little less ambitious. I did a media degree and someone on the course, for their final work, did a big military drama. To be fair they pulled off the location (a big quarry amongst other venues), the costumes, actors and the crew (I helped with a bit of sound) but the narrative was pretty weak and subsequently that pulled the whole project down. It was a shame as it was equally ambitious. However, it highlights the importance, as you know of a cracking narrative, which is equally at home in a far less glamourous setting. What i’m trying to say is build things up steadily and gradually become more and more ambitious. You’re bound to learn from mistakes which will benefit in the long run when you return to a project this size. Good luck with your next step.

  5. Dawn Bostock said

    Hi Oli,
    Don’t know if you remember me, we did our work up for transplant together?
    Never forget your dreams, they are what keep us going 🙂 especially after what we’ve been through. Just think of your goals, and create stepping stones until you get there! Like when you trained do do your run so soon after your transplant, gradually building up your fitness again. However you get there, be creative and think your way over hurdles. Its the ones that fight hard for their dreams and don’t loose focus, despite all the knock backs that will suceed. Never giive up trying….your fighting spirit will win through :)xx

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