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Run over by little people

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 24th June, 2009

Apologies for the lack of updates. As a wedding gift to her brother from us, K kindly offered for us to look after their 12 year-old, 4-year-old and 3 year-old for a week while they had a honeymoon just the two of them.

I blithely accepted and agreed without really thinking it through and clearly MASSIVELY underestimating the whole thing. We’re having an awesome time, but we’re both shattered and I’ve hardly managed to get anything for Remembrance done this week, which is a bit rubbish. I’m trying to find us a Casting Director to work with, but since it relies on being able to head to London to meet people, that’ll have to wait until next week instead.

I’m also actively recruiting for the DP role and have a load of showreels to get through to find us the best person for the job, but that’s going pretty slowly too. Am just about to put dinner on so we can all sit and eat together, then I’ll be trying to get through a heap of them tonight.

More updates when things get back to normal at the weekend.


2 Responses to “Run over by little people”

  1. Audrey said

    What? There was another one aged 12?
    You two truly do deserve medals. Neither of you looked like you’d been looking after 3 kids for days!!
    I bet they had an awesomne time. Are they booked in for next year yet?

  2. Lenka said

    excuse me but i was the 12 year old and i am not a kid or a little person thanks
    the ‘3 and 4 year olds’ had a brill time and couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks!
    they should really put that on the olympics, i’d like to see all those ‘champion’ medal winners get close to a gold at this!

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