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New project, new restaurant

Posted by Oli on Tuesday 14th April, 2009

After a personally-enforced Easter away from all things work-related, a blissful 4 days off, I spent the large part of last night sitting awake in the lounge unable to sleep. Frustrating isn’t the word.

Still, having been mulling over a new short film project in my head for a little while, I finally managed to get it down on paper. A 13-page stream of constant writing from 3am-5am got me through the whole thing in one shot and I’m actually really proud of the result. I’ve got to assess the options with it now, but I’m likely to “go big” with it – watch this space for grand plans to follow.

In the rest of the world, I slept for a grand total of about 3 hours between 6am and 9am before taking K to the doc’s in Northampton where I intended to work while I waited but ended up listening to a Radio 4 doc on Tommy Cooper instead – it’s almost work! Also chatted to my bro about advising me on certain parts of the new script, so I’ll print him a copy and drop it to him tonight.

When we got home I took the camera kit down to a friend who’s looking to borrow it for a donation to LLTGL so he could do a camera test with his Red Rock 35mm lens adapter and we were all impressed with the results. While I was there I also caught up with the guy who was on board to produce my last short before the casting when tits-up and it fell through. We chatted about our respective current projects and got into a great creative groove, which was awesome. I’ve not really got many friends in the same fields as me – particularly filmmaking and writing – so it was really nice to have a chance to sit and bounce some ideas around with people who think on the same wavelength and are happy to brainstorm ideas without thoughts to practicalities and everything else.

When I got back it was into full helpful-boyfriend mode, helping K encode and burn a DVD for one of her Uni coursework pieces to be handed in tomorrow, before bathing, shaving and dressing to go out.

My bro wanted to thank us all as a family for keeping him semi-sane with gifts and letters while he was away, so he took the five of us (him, me, K and the ‘rents) out to Loch Fyne, the seafood and oyster restaurant in Woburn. I say “new” in the title as it’s not a place I’ve been before, but it’s a real family favourite for everyone else.

Unhappily, many of the best things on the menu are on the big list of Forbidden Items for me post-tx, including Oysters and Mussels, the latter being one of my absolute favourites. I did, however, enjoy a fantatic meal of Squid followed by Bream, the latter being served almost plain such was the quality of the fish and the cooking.

We may also have enjoyed the odd tipple or two.

Back home after dinner, I finished shouting at iMovie (piece of rubbish) and wishing I had taught K how to use Final Cut Pro to edit her vid on, then manage to get it burnt and give her essay a quick proof-reader’s once-over before printing, binding, filing and packing for the morning before bed.


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