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I’ve got sunshine

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 18th March, 2009

It’s funny because I’ve always laughed off those “Superman” posts from the time of my transplant 16 months ago, but I’m starting to think there might be something in it. I can’t fly, I don’t have X-ray vision and my hair doens’t go all slicked down when I take my glasses off. Most of all, I always wear my underwear beneath my trousers. The operative part of that word being “under”. But he is from Krypton so he may not have realised that yet.

My similarity to Superman merely extends to the fact that I appear to be powered by the sun. I’m very environmentally friendly in that respect – I’m solar-powered, just like Supes.

Last week I had really reached the end of my body’s ability to cope with what I was putting it through. I was sleeping in the daytime for the first time since my CMV set-back in May last year and I couldn’t rouse myself to do anything unless it was fundamentally important to either eating, drinking or earning enough money to eat and drink. I was slow, lethargic and just down-right knackered.

This week, in addition to having a little less to do – certainly less running around – the sun’s been shining and my batteries have been well and truly recharged. It’s such a wonderful feeling. I don’t know if anyone else watched the Comic Relief Kilimanjaro trip, but in it Fearne Cotton hit the nail on the head when she said, “People should never underestimate how good it is to feel normal.” That’s what I’ve go back to this week.

It’s interesting because even when I’ve been running myself ragged over the previous few weeks (or more), I’ve been totally aware of how great it is to be doing it all. I’ve never once taken my ability to do all these things for granted and every day I thank my donor and their family for allowing me to do it. This week has been a reminder, though, that as much as I enjoy what I’ve been doing, I really do need to make sure I leave myself some “me time” – some time just to sit and chill out and enjoy the world around me.

And that’s what the sunshine is great for – it’s 100% guaranteed to make you look out of your window in the morning and smile. At least it is for me. Even waking up at 5.45am, just seeing the first rays of sunlight and walking out to the car at 6.45am in broad daylight makes the day easier. I just feel more happy, more alive, more free when I can see the sunshine out the window.

My energy has returned and I feel like I can conquer the world again. I’ve got work coming in and I’m on target to finish my new screenplay by April Fool’s Day (no joke), which is motivating and energising me any more.

There’s a huge amount to be said for positive mental attitude, which is why the sun and summer help improve life so much. As a good friend of mine is wont to say, “This is my life and I choose to love it”!


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  1. Emily said

    wahoo! x

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