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Catch-ups and legals

Posted by Oli on Thursday 8th January, 2009

I wake up at some point in the morning, fairly late if I remember rightly, seeing as I’ll be hardly getting any sleep over the next few days, and I lounge around for what’s left of the morning before a friend pops over from to fill me in on her current term at uni. It sounds spectacularly unimpressive and, since she’s doing a film course and is both talented and passionate, I do my best to convince her without saying it explicitly that she should jack it in and come work with me. (OK, maybe saying it straight-out…).

In my defence (if it is one), I would love to work with her and I really don’t see any value in degrees in Film anyway, but she knows that already so it’s hardly a clincher. I think she’ll stick it out, which is probably the grown-up, sensible thing to do, so I’m not too disappointed.

As she leaves, I head out with her and jump in my car across Keynes to meet Dad in a pub half-way between him and me for a spot of lunch and friendly (free) legal advice. In fact, considering he paid for lunch, I think it must be the first time a lawyer has technically paid to be able to dispense advice. Families, eh? They turn everything on it’s head.

Once we’re done, I head back home and chill with K for a while, then jump on my email to catch up with things and square away the few bits and pieces of LLTGL stuff I need to deal with, since I won’t be back at my desk before the meeting on Saturday.

That dealt with, I sort out some dinner for us both and we eat and chill in front of the TV to some Sky+’d something or other and then hit the sack relatively early, although we end up reading and talking until nearly midnight. Given the few days I’ve got coming up, I should have slept earlier, but it’s fun when you get chatty in bed, so I tend to be terribly ill-disciplined about it.


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