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New term training

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 7th January, 2009

I tried my hardest to get up early today, but instead succeeded only in rolling out of bed at 8, which gave me enough time to sort myself out and have breakfast before heading over to the Grove for a bit of new term training ahead of the re-jigged Youth Theatre turn.

I have to say I was somewhat surprised to find that there was a new Youth Theatre leader their, who will be taking the Tuesday night sessions that I’m also working from now on, in addition to my Sunday sessions from last term. I was disappointed to find out at a meeting of the leaders, although I suppose Christmas is a hard time to contact people about things.

We nevertheless had a really productive day, going over all the do’s and don’ts and whys and wherefores of leading Youth Theatre sessions, as well as a little role-play (natch) and then some hard-core term-planning in the afternoon.

We didn’t get as much done in the afternoon as I think The Boss wanted us to, but it was important for us to take the time to feel each other out and put ideas forward. It was hard, though, because having never worked with two of the people there, you don’t really know where your boundaries are in discussing ideas and having disagreements, so it was a little “eggshells” for most of the session, although we did manage to hammer out a general direction for it all.

While I’m at the Theatre, K’s having a terrible day back home, due to some careless editing in the local rag which leaves her incredibly upset. I head home as soon as I can to pick her up from her ‘rents, where she’s escaped to in order to hide from the world (her avoidance method of choice).

I pick her up and we head home, where I rustle up some grub and we eat before veg’ing out on the sofa in front of some Sky+ TV before heading to bed around 10ish.


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