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Incoming changes

Posted by Oli on Sunday 28th December, 2008

In accordance with the law of New Year’s Eve (albeit a little early), I bring to you the grand announcement of changes to what’s fondly become known as… erm… Oli’s blog. I say “fondly”, but it’s more just because that’s really what makes the most sense.

Obviously, the cosmetics are the most obvious part, but the content is changing, too.

Since the controversy of “the deleted post” – well, not really controversy, but more of a disagreement with certain readers of the blog – I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching about what this blog is all about and where’s it’s been going for the last few months.

I was sincerely toying with dispensing with it all together, before I realised that what this actually started out as was a place for me to keep track of the on-going changes in my life as I waited for – then received – a life-saving double-lung transplant. It was never really intended to be read by as many people as have stuck around from week-to-week and I’ve found myself slowing starting to write these posts for my readers and not for myself, which occurred to me as being totally against the idea of the blog in the first place and doubtless a part of the reason for trying to spice it up a little.

So I offer you all fair warning that from this moment on the blog will, once again, become boring. I will simply be keeping a record for myself of the head-spinning acceleration of changes my life is going through almost constantly now I’m over a year into my new life and am rapidly realising that I need to start doing something productive with myself.

New Year, new start (it was ever thus), so I will return to the good, but dull, old days of simply blogging about my life and goings on in my day-to-day life.


2 Responses to “Incoming changes”

  1. Hayley said

    Baa Humbug, we enjoy your take on life, politics, films keeping an eye on what you are doing and your VALID opinion on lots of interesting subjects and do not feel that you should change at all. You are precious, an individual and entitled to your opinion we live in a free society where freedom of speach and opinion are allowed so please stay as you are people have no right to want to change you.
    Lots of love as always
    David, Hayley and Robert xxx

  2. suzie said

    Hey Oli,

    I have no idea what the ‘deleted post’ was about, but would like to say I agree with what you say about blogs becoming something that started out as the thoughts of the blogger, becoming something you think the readers want to hear. I guess all of us bloggers have veered from the original plan at some point because we feel an obligation to make our posts interesting to read. I read blogs because I’m genuinely interested in the people I read about and yours is one of them, so, boring or not, pease keep blogging chuck.

    Loadsa love from all in Chester.

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