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A blog to avoid controversy

Posted by Oli on Thursday 18th December, 2008

So after my ill-advised comments on the frustrations of seeing Mamma Mia knock Titanic of the top spot in the historical British box office charts I thought I ought to make sure today’s is something that’s not going to get anybody’s backs up.

So here it is:

Today, I drank 2 cups of tea and I also had some smoothie made from just fruit and nothing else and I went shopping a little bit and got some stamps and some other things.

K is poorly, which is sad.

I hope this post hasn’t caused any offence.


9 Responses to “A blog to avoid controversy”

  1. Lizzie83 said

    …Did you delete your other blog? I hope you know i wasn’t offended. I agreed!
    Anyway, no need to censor yourself!

  2. RichP said

    Yeah don’t take the blog down it was fine. If anyone thought it was sexist they’ve obviously got problems, there’s some weird people out there.

  3. potdoll said

    I must be weird then Rich P, cos I was offended. Or female.

  4. potdoll said

    ps hope you enjoyed your smoothie 🙂

  5. potdoll said

    and pps i know you didn’t write that post out of hatred for women, you probably just wasn’t thinking.

    My husband took me to see Mamma Mia. He loved it and I thought it was okay, but I wouldn’t go around telling people to see it. My daughter and all her mates went and hated it.

  6. RichP said

    Potdoll, Oli’s comment was lighthearted and said in jest – you must be a barrel of fun to be with at Christmas. Mammia Mia is enjoyed and designed for, in the majority, for a female audience. This is in much the same way that Batman is targetted at a more male orientated audience. What’s wrong with that? now get back to wrapping the presents and getting Christmas dinner cooked.

  7. potdoll said

    yeah but i’ve got pmt this week and oli should know not to wind me up when i’m in killing mode!

    btw I just unwrapped your prezzie and ate it.

  8. Audrey said

    I find your smoothie talk offensive. Just fruit is wrong, you need to add some yoghurt or ice cream. Sort it out.

    Get well soon K,


  9. Woody said

    You tea lovers disgust me! It’s tea this, tea that, an immoral backlash against coffee drinkers everywhere…;-)

    Happy Xmas!

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