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“Special” service

Posted by Oli on Monday 1st September, 2008

Here’s a mini-transcript from a telephone conversation my dad had today with AA Travel Insurance regarding our current family cover:

DAD: “I wanted to check on cover because we have a “close relative” (our son, actually) who had a double lung transplant less than a year ago”

SP*: “A lung transplant?”

DAD: “Yes”

SP: “Was he hospitalized for the procedure?”

*Special Person

10 Responses to ““Special” service”

  1. Emily said

    LOL! 😀 x

  2. suzie said

    Love it!!!:D

  3. suzie said

    He should have said ‘Oh no of course not we did it ourselves’

    I’m aghast, hence 2 comments 😀

  4. richardpreen said

    Well come on…were you hospitalised?

  5. Emmie said

    Hahahahahaha!!! LOVE IT!!! Surely that was a tad melodramatic of you to insist on hospitalisation? Come on now Oli, we all know you love attention but couldn’t you have made do with the local GP surgery? xxxx

  6. Robin said

    WHEW!!! That is HILARIOUS! LOL!! 😀

  7. Dad said

    Our GP’s comment was that it is amazing the minor surgical procedures they can do for out patients at the surgery these days!

  8. Jayne said

    Seriously??!! That made me laugh SO much.


  9. Audrey said

    I seriously think I would have had to ask ‘Well have a bloody guess’!!
    Then again maybe GPs will be doing them with a bit of local within a few months ??? Just lie there for ten minutes before you get your t-shirt back on and come in next week to get the stitches out 🙂

  10. Sam said

    Well, duh?!

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