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Not dead

Posted by Oli on Friday 25th July, 2008

Sorry all.  Having been chastised for not updating the blog, I have just posted a couple of film reviews for you, but will endevour to fill the gaps on the past couple of weeks as soon as I get a decent chance.  I’ve been a trifle busy.  In a good way.

Sorry if I scared anyone!


2 Responses to “Not dead”

  1. Hayley said

    You are forgiven but only because you have been a trifle busy in a good way. We have seen your articles in the citizen and Mk news so we knew you were okay but have missed your blog greatly and am glad that you are going to fill us in soon.
    Well off to France now so will catch up with you on return.
    All our love to you both always
    David, Hayley and Robert xxx

  2. Elizabeth said

    Hi — have enjoyed your blog. My partner (Will) also had a double lung transplant (in 2001). He has had, I think, an average recovery. (3.5 great years, not even a cold, then complications, now hopefully on the mend but at a reduced level of health.)

    At any rate, I think from the infrequency of the postings over the past few months that you are likely experiencing some fantastic, healthy, joyful times. Will said that those initial months after transplant — once he got out from the very painful surgical recovery and started really recovering — were amazing. His transplanted lungs even on the worst days remain better than his CF lungs ever were. So, just wanted to say congratulations, enjoy, best of health, etc.

    There are a number of post-transplant blogs in the US that might be interesting to you when it starts raining this winter and you have nothing better to do.

    I like ours the best (, but others that get a lot of feedback are: (sad story of someone struggling to survive the transplant process) (transplant at the last possible moment, premature baby, fairly religious)

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