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Posted by Oli on Thursday 22nd May, 2008

It’s Oli, back again after my enforced 2 week absence.

This is only going to be a quick one, though, to shout out loud to everyone that I FINALLY ESCAPED.  I don’t know why, but the last two weeks have been two of the hardest I’ve experienced in quite a while.  I know the immediate post-op period was harder, but other than that, this has been the toughest hospital stay I’ve had in a long while.

I’ll try to write a fuller update and coverage of the last couple of weeks sometime tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments, emails and text messages and to let you know that I’m very thankfully out in time to enjoy this weekend properly, feeling much better if a little tired from the lack of sleep in the Big House.

Hope everyone’s well, more updates soon.  And thanks to K for her updates again!


9 Responses to “Escape”

  1. mike and sue huddie said

    Delighted to hear that you are back home again Oli and so sorry to hear what a difficult two weeks you have been through. But great news that you have escaped – and just in time to celebrate being the birthday boy. Have a good one. Lots of love from Sue and Mike xxx

  2. suzie said


    Glad to hear you’re home chuck 😀

  3. Katie H said

    Really pleased to read that you’re back home again, and in time for your birthday as well. I hope you have a really happy birthday.

  4. Pops said

    Bloody hell! I take a couple of weeks off blog studying to get through finals, and you go berserk on me! Bad Oli! HUGE congrats to Kati (whoop, you go girl, and all those other things I would say if only I were a black momma – I’ll never get over that disappointment!)
    Hugs, and well done for escaping! xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Holly Shaw said

    Glad to hear your home, have a great birthday! Keep smiling x

  6. Hayley said

    Fantastic to hear from you Oli at home again at last your fought those b…ers good on you, knew you would. Have a fabulous birthday, with lots of yummy things.
    All our love
    David, Hayley and Robert xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Audrey said

    Hi Oli, Hope you’ve had a great birthday.
    Sorry to hear you had a rubbish time of it – let’s hope you get some peace for a while now xx

  8. jez said

    Hi Ollie, carl cooper has given me your web address.
    Unfortunately we lost our 12 year old daughter Chloe last year to CF, we set up a charity in memory of chloe ‘the chloe cotton trust fund’i don’t know if you would like to chat, we are really pleased you are doing well, my number in case you need it is 07877784206 or you can e-mail me.
    Google chloe cotton trust you will find a video and some info.
    Take care Jez cotton.

  9. steven and lorraine said

    have been away. sorry you had an enforced stay in the big house but so pleased you got home in time to celebrate your birthday – thinking of you and wishing you a bug free birthday and beyond! lorraine, steven, grace and samuel xx

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