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CMV + EBV = Fed up Oli

Posted by Oli on Tuesday 13th May, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates, the past few days have been a blur of busy activity for me.  Before Oli decided to go and catch himself a few bugs we hit upon an idea of throwing a baby shower for a good friend of ours who is due to give birth while we are on holiday.  That baby shower was on Sunday and so prep had to be fitted around any time I wasn’t at hospital (generally late at night), and, as there was no major change I took the decision that the blog could wait a couple of days.  Big apologies to anyone who was getting worried.

Today I spent the whole day with Oli.  The morning lifted our spirits a little when the doc mentioned that CMV levels had dropped right down and CRP levels were also lower.  The afternoon sunk our spirits again when the doc said that as well as CMV, Oli has tested positive for EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) and could potentially be in for longer than we had thought.  Good news is that EBV and CMV have the same treatment so the result that has just come back from last weeks bloods testing positive could easily have changed already as he has now been on the toxic IVs for almost a week.  Bad news is that testing blood for EBV is a lot more complicated than routine blood testing and takes a few days before the results come in – it would be this delay that could hold Oli up in hospital.  The length of Oli’s stay is entirely dependent on how the EBV numbers go and that’s not such an easy thing to predict, if he needs more IVs then he’ll have to stay on longer.  If the figures are coming down then maybe he can go onto oral antibiotics and come home.

As far as holiday goes, for Oli, he won’t be able to come on this one – needless to say we are pretty hugely gutted.  I, on the other hand, will still go but may come back early depending on the blood results and the following treatment course.

The main thing we’re hoping for now is that Oli can be out of hospital for his birthday on 25th May, fingers are very much crossed at this point.

Thanks again for your wonderful messages, Oli receives every one and really appreciates them, keep ’em coming!


17 Responses to “CMV + EBV = Fed up Oli”

  1. Sue, Chris and Matthew said

    Hi Oli, I heard from your Mum that you are back in hospital so am back checking your blog to see how you are (Matthew thinks I am just too nosey). It must be a huge blow to you after everything going so well but keep your spirits up – it’s just a matter of time before you are back home again.

    Hugs and best wishes

  2. Jac said

    sorry to hear about the EBV -here’s hoping it has been well and truly sorted with these iv’s. Everything crossed that you make it home for your first birthday with new lungs!
    Love jac xx

  3. mike and sue huddie said

    Hi again Oli, just letting you know that we are thinking of you and send you our love. xxxxx Mike, Sue and Pete

  4. Dubeerie said

    Hi Oli,

    Firstly thanks K for your wonderful updates. I really appreciate it. Just wanted to say keep on truckin’


  5. Di & John said

    Hi Oli. Well this latest news will just add to your medical encyclopaedic knowledge – I think maybe sometimes the nurses may come to you for advice on your treatment! But we’re so sorry that you may have to stay in for longer than anticipated. We hope to come and see you this weekend so maybe we can take you out of that room for a break. Try and keep cheerful; if you have to be in hospital then Harefield is certainly one of the best and they’ll sort you out. Much love

  6. Hayley said

    Hi Oli and K just to say that you are both in our hearts and prayers at the moment, I don’t know Oli you don’t do things by halves do you. Robert keeps asking for an update every day and we sit and read your blogs together or should I say K’s blogs as you seem to be engulfed in the little b….ing nasties again, I don’t know I thought you doing the housework was too good to be true, I am sure K would have let you off it without going to these extremes, hee hee you know we love you and we only gest. Keep fighting if I could do it for you I would honest darling Oli. Right that is enough I am starting to get far too gushy, so I will go for now, but never fear I shall return.
    Love to you both as always. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    David, Hayley and of course RobertXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. Larry said

    OMG, CMV & EBV & IV’s? Methinks you’ve been having too much alphabet soup… what a killer that this will ruin the holiday plans for you. Hope you kick it fast and get back home! We’re rooting for you on this side of the pond…


  8. suzie said

    Hey Oli sorry to hear you’ll miss this holiday, you’ll have to make up for it by having an extra long extra luxury one when you get on your feet…..

    ‘Cos you’re worth it’

    (((HUGS))) from all in Chester.

  9. viks said

    Hi Oli, sorry to hear your going to miss your holiday,

    Take care, Viks

  10. Audrey said

    What rotten luck and timing. Thinking of you, hope you get out of there in time for your birthday.


  11. Lynn said

    I am so sorry to hear that you are not so good. I really hope that you get home for your birthday.
    Take care,
    Lynn x

  12. Emmie said

    Hi Oli, I’m hoping you will get this little message today. Have been thinking of you and sad to hear you are feeling so down and having all these problems. I know you can beat this though and kick their asses. You must be gutted to be missing your holiday but you will have tons more when you have sorted out these 1st-year problems you have been beset by. Sending you some sunshine xxxxx

  13. Tor said

    Sorry I haven’t posted sooner. I’m really really sorry to read about this set back, you must be gutted to miss your holiday, but as others have said there will be many more coming your way. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts so u can lick this thing soon and be up bouncing around again.

  14. suzie said

    Just popping by to say hello and send a great big (((HUG))) Oli.


  15. Lisa Muscutt said

    Hi Oli,

    Just read your blog and am sorry to hear you are in hospital and will be missing your holiday. Still there will be plenty more holidays to go on. Main thing is to get you back on your feet again. Hope you feel better really soon.

    Love Lisa x

  16. Louise and darren said

    Hi oli, glad to hear your out of hospital,hope you are doing ok. Darren got cmv after his 1st transplant and it made him really poorly,so we are both glad to hear your doing better,take care.
    Lou and darren.x x

  17. Gina said

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