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Posted by Oli on Wednesday 7th May, 2008

Hi, this is K, Oli’s parents have gone away to Luxembourg for a week so to coincide nicely with that Oli has landed himself back in hospital.  He did the same thing in January when they went to Rome.  If I were them, I’d be a little concerned about booking any more holidays!

Oli has gone in today because his stomach/chest pains haven’t really gone away, they kept him there because he decided to spike a temperature as well, I think I’ve said before that if Oli is going to do something he’ll do it well.  It shouldn’t be a long stay for him, the main aim is to get him re-hydrated (he hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for a few days due to pain), get his temperature down and they’re giving him some anti-biotics as a purely precautionary measure.  Blood cultures should come back in the next day or two and they’ll tell if he’s growing anything but the general opinion is that sleep and fluids should make Oli a happy boy again.

In other littler news, a few of you might like to know that I got accepted to City University yesterday to start a Speech Therapy degree in September, I am ridiculously ecstatic and thought you might like some happy news to temper the hospital news.

I’ll fill in with updates once results have come back from blood tests, etc.


8 Responses to “Jinx?”

  1. Audrey said

    Sounds like he needed some top doc’s to sort out the pain. I hope they fix him quickly and that it’s nothing too serious.

    Great news about Uni. Hope you’re both able to celebrate in style really soon.

  2. Lynn said

    So sorry to hear that Oli has been admitted again. I hope he gets to come home soon. Congrats about Uni….you must both be over the moon.

  3. Alaistair said

    You’ve given me the strength to complete this. Oli I’ve followed your battle with this. Will not dwell but please stick around for a bit? Surely there’s something yet left to do? Oli, have never met but have to utmost admiration for your passion and drive. Yours in running Alaistair………..

  4. Emma said

    Hi Kati

    Please tell Oli that I hope he feels better really soon and that they get on top of his nasty pains quickly.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you on an incredible achievement hunni! You must be so proud! :o)

    To make Oli smile you can tell him that for the next 3 nights I’m appearing in a play…as a hooker! In last year’s play I was cast as an alcoholic tarty nymphomaniac…is this the definition of typecasting…?! Its an Alan Ayckbourn play called Comic Potential and its bloomin’ hard going, especially as the cast and directing team keep falling out rather spectacularly….

    Love to you both xxxxx

  5. Emily said

    Get well soon Oli chuck…

    but WOOHOO K!! Go you clever shiny star!!


  6. Suze said

    Thought they must have kept you in when I didn’t hear back from you last night. I’m now presuming that these will get forwarded to your posh mobile…. Chin up chuck, you’ll be out in no time and then we can celebrate K’s wonderful news in style!
    See you soon
    S&G xxxxx

  7. Jac said

    Hey Oli, hope they get you sorted and back home asap! Huge well done to you K – you deserve it 🙂
    Jac xx

  8. Frizzymum said

    Hope you’re sorted soon Oli – I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the Ipswich fundraiser next month! K – fab fab news….well deserved! Xx

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