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Amy Whoshouse?

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 20th February, 2008

Am I the only person in the world who’s immune to Amy Winehouse? Don’t give a chuff what’s going on in her personal life, couldn ‘t care less whether she takes one drugs, no drugs or enough cocaine to fill the Xscape’s snow slope, don’t wanna see pictures of her falling out of a nightclub off her head on whatever cocktail she’s been into next.

She’s got a pretty voice, yes, but when she sings live she just looks like she really needs a wee and it’s really off-putting. She’s on the Brits right now and I can’t bare to be in the same room – I’ve already sat through her desperate toilet-need alongside Mark Ronson, I can’t go through it all again for her solo…

Bring on the Oscars – at least there everyone goes to the toilet before they come on stage.


8 Responses to “Amy Whoshouse?”

  1. elaine said

    oh this made me laugh

    i’ll back you on this one!
    one of the first times i saw her performing live was on jools holland 2 years ago on his hootenanny at new years, and i was watching with my mum and dad…it was one of the most uncomfortable things ever because she was wearing a very short skirt and kept pulling it up and rubbing her legs together like a 6 year old who needed to go to the little girls room!

    i was quite thrilled to read that you thought the same!

  2. Adrienne said

    AAAAH I agree! I watched her at the Grammies and couldn’t stand it, between looking like she needed the loo and hitching up her skirt I truly saw more of her than I needed to! AND she did it again tonight…don’t mind her songs but really think I’d prefer to hear her rather than see her!

  3. Katie said

    Haha, I said exactly the same thing to my housemate last night when we were watching her! Totally agree.

  4. My god, you couldn’t be more spot on !

    Love the blog, I think u have loads of stealth readers from the CF board…and some less stealth..obviously..

    Check mine if ur interested !!

  5. Nick and Mel said

    Hi Ollie and K
    It is the total fault of our media that scumbags like her get any publicity, if i took the drugs she takes and acted the way she does I would be sent to jail she gets the bloody poor you rubbish from us Brits
    I wish everyone would ignore her enough so she would go away
    Rant over
    Speak sooon

  6. Tom said

    Hi Oli,

    In total agreement about Ms. Winehouse-to make matters worse, if she walked into my CF unit, the dietiticians would be over her like a rash. She could use a few Scandishakes, I think…

    Love the blog, have fun..

    Tom and Dawn x

  7. Audrey Eade said

    I agree, she is a skank. A skank with a good voice, but a skank nonetheless. Minging.

  8. Guy Jones said

    Hi Oli,

    reading your thoughts on Amy Winehouse has just made me laugh out loud (which was bad as I’m in a theatre and it’s ‘sound quiet time’ while they fiddle with their knobs!!) but I agree completely with you and I’m really fed up hearing that song now!!!

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