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The Loop

Posted by Oli on Sunday 27th January, 2008

It’s amazing how out of the loop you get when you’re in hospital for a week.  I saw K most days while I was in, spoke to her on the phone at least twice a day not to mention exchanging obscene amounts of text messages, but somehow I still seem to have spent the day catching up on all the big news-worthy events of life in MK which appear to have slipped her thoughts while she found ways to keep me entertained in the Big House.

I have had a great day, though, quite apart from catching up on all the goss (which, incidentally, K claims she “forgot” in all the excitement of spending time with my in my room… excitement I wasn’t party to at the time, clearly, since I distinctly remember my room in Harefield being most very dull), I have had several cups of tea with visiting friends and also managed to do something I’ve not done for a long time.

This afternoon I did the most wondrous of Sunday afternoon activities: ODD JOBS.

It’s not until you’ve spent a goodly amount of time not being able to submit to your whim and fancy of “popping” somewhere to pick things up or drop things off that it becomes quite such a special thing.  That’s why today has felt so good, I think, because for the first time in a very long time I’ve been able to think of something that needed doing and just go out and do it.

Sitting around with a couple of friends this afternoon chatting about what computer one of them should pick up, we decided to swing by PC World to have a look, where I could also pick up an iTrip for my new iPod to play it in my car and replace the fumbling around with CDs that has been the case up to now.  Following which we skipped across to Borders (where else) to pick up a scrap book to help us plan our many and varied travels we’ll be taking as I get stronger and more free to move about without the restrictions of clinic appointments and potential hiccups.  Including a quick swing past my ‘rents house to pick up our spare house and car keys, we weren’t out for longer than about an hour-and-a-half but it was the most wonderful feeling to be able to follow an impulse and get things done.

The first few months (well, 3-6 if you listen to the docs) post-transplant are supposed to be the big rocky patch, with hiccups here and there and the occasional (or not-so-occasional in my case) knock-back.  But I’m fast discovering that they are also the times of the biggest revelations about what life is truly going to be like with new lungs and just how much of a difference to the every-day they are going to make.

Here’s to a week free and clear of hiccups, clinic trips (bar my appointment on Thursday) and a more settled routine, including getting into proper training for the Tresco mile.  Anyone fancy a cuppa and in MK, you know where to find me – I’m the one sitting on the sofa grinning.


13 Responses to “The Loop”

  1. caroline said

    How lovely to be home and to sleepppppp. If you are there will try to get to Tresco to be running alongside Big Brother and chums. x

  2. sarah said

    Aw,bless you Oli.

    I remember the first time popping out with Peter after his transplant and the vac had been removed. we just put our shoes and coats on and just went. No machinary to pack, no need for mobile phones, no wires, no spare batteries. Just us. Was a very big moment and felt so wonderful.

  3. Rose said

    Sounds like you had a lovely day Oli, which of course included a trip to Borders!

    Hope to be able to pop up to MK and join you on the sofa for a chat and a grin soon …


  4. Ben said

    Hey dude, I’m liking the sound of sitting on the sofa. Would be great to pop over some time. Had my (Dad’s) car nicked by a towing company a couple of weeks ago and that still hasn’t been sorted, but once it has we should hook up! Good times always at yours with the lovely K!

    Speak to you soon and have a really good, chilled week.

    All the best


  5. Hayley said

    Here here Oli, crashing back down to planet earth with odd jobs, love it a domesticated man how wonderful.
    Heres to you having a trouble free week and lots of enjoyment just being with K.
    Love always
    Hayley, David and Robert x x x x x

  6. Audrey said

    Yikes – rejection, vomitting, gooey lung stuff…… that’ll teach me not to check your blog more often.

    I really hope you and K get some peace for a while now, I naively think of you now as doing cartwheels and generally being back to normal. A few more weeks, perhaps!

    Audrey xx

  7. Gary said

    Great to see you again, you are looking and sounding so well! I’m still in total awe at marvel that is Oli!!

    Gary is also rather smug as he beat ‘film buff Oli’ at Buzz last night. Although his win can’t really be attributed to knowledge, but more complete luck!! A win is a win though!!!


  8. Guy Jones said

    Dear Oli,

    It never ceases to cheer me up imensely, reading your blogs (apart from the not so good bits now and then, but I don’t think there’ll be many of those any more!) I would love to see you for a cuppa soon, when you’re not too busy doing odd jobs that is. I have been living out of a suitcase for over a week and will be for the next 3 weeks, but (for one day only) I am in MK on Thursday if you’re about. If not I’ll catch you soon. I must say that I have been staying in lovely places, but today I’ve arrived in a place that might be similar to your room in Harefield!

    Lots of love

    Guy x

  9. Sue & Mike said

    We are thrilled to bits for you Oli, you sound amazing – and amazed, and we hope to see the new Oli for a cuppa very soon. Lots of love and prayers Mike and Sue xxx

  10. Helen said

    Hi Oli, it is so good to hear that things are looking good for you after such a tough 2007. It is hard for to beleive that the last time I saw you and Tim you weren’t even teenagers and I was your babysitter……you were a delight to look after!
    Although I’m not living in MK any more my aunt has kept me up to date with various articles about you and I was really pleased to hear you finally got your transplant. I wish you well with the recovery and the marathon. I’ll be sure to sponsor you


  11. chris bagust said

    So, as the Small Faces said:

    Layzee Sunday afternoon,
    Got no time for worries…..

    I’m so pleased for you Oli.

    BTW why you have a pic of Robt. Redford on your blog page?

    And as the Spencer Davis Group (nearly) said:

    Keep on mending….

    Chris B.

  12. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli it sounds as though you are having good progress hope it is all going really well hope to see you soon.

    Christopher XXXXX

  13. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli it’s me again hopefully we will meet up sometime in the next month and have a cuppa on ‘that’ sofa of yours – can’t wait!! I hope its all going really well

    Christopher XXXXXXX

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