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Organising Pneumonia

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 23rd January, 2008

Unlucky everyone, you’ve got me back while Oli  is ‘doing time’ on E ward until he gets parole.

As many of you who have been following this blog for a while will know, Oli likes to keep the docs on their toes as his body often finds new and intriguing ways of baffling them.  Yesterday after the bronch’ the doc’s talk was swinging away from acute rejection and towards a fungal infection (I’m thinking athlete’s foot but in the lungs).  Today the definitive answer is that Oli has Organising Pneumonia.  Weirdly it is not as the name suggests, it is not pneumonia.  I will try and explain what I understood from the doc but if you would like to read a more clever description please look here,

The simple version is…Oli’s got goo on the right lobe of his lungs.

The lucky thing is that treatment is easy and relatively quick.  It is also the same treatment that they would have given had it turned out to be a bout of acute rejection, basically hit it with massive amounts of IV steroids over 3 days and then oral steroids for several weeks.  There have been murmurs of letting Oli home after the 3 days of IV’s but we’ll see what happens, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, least of all mine and Oli’s!

As a sneaky side note, due to work schedules and other such annoying things it is possible that Oli might not have any visitors on Friday.  Now although I’m aware he is all big and growed up and will get through it with no fuss, if you have a spare moment, please drop him a message on here or txt him if you have his number as I know it might make him happy to know people are thinking of him even if no-one can be with him.

Thanks and hugs to you all, K x


26 Responses to “Organising Pneumonia”

  1. caroline said

    I read your blog most days and just wanted you to know am thinking of you, just a minor blip that those magic steriods will sort out in no time. Just be patient with your new lungs !

  2. Sue & Mike said

    We are thinking of you Oli and hoping that the treatment soon does its stuff so that you can get back home again asap.

    Lots of love

    Mike and Sue xx

  3. Lorraine said

    Still looking, still thinking, still watching and still hoping – devine inspiration – if I want it – I look to Oli. Keep on fighting Oli – one day we’ll make that much wanted meeting, for me, I’ve missed it once, I won’t miss it again! xxx

  4. sarah said

    Oh poop!

  5. Jac said

    Sorry to hear you are back in hospital – hope the steroids sort you out asap. Sending good thoughts in your direction..
    jac x

  6. chris bagust said

    Hey Oli,

    Ashamed to say I’ve only just realised you have a new pair, how great is that? Sorry to hear about the infection and all that borin stuff that you didn’t need, but fingers and more crossed you can get on top of it soon.
    I’ve no idea what the recovery curve is like for this, but if you are mobile by June you can ride a REAL bike (OMG I hate excercise bikes) round Silverstone race track in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care – I’ve done it a couple of times, and it’s great fun – as many laps as you like, at your own speed………a little something to aim for?

    All the best mate,

    Chris B.

  7. Alison said

    Having looked at the link it’s seems Oli’s got BOOP!

  8. lorraine and steven said

    Hi Oli, sorry the old bugs are getting in the way – hope you are back home soon. thinking of you loads Lorraine Steven Grace and Samuel xxx

  9. Aimee and mum said

    hi Oli Hope that you are feeling much brighter now that the drugs have had a chance to start doing their job xx

  10. sandy said

    Hi Oli… Your just trying to keep those docs on there toes arnt you!
    Hope you manage to escape soon…..
    x Sandy xx

  11. Sue & Mike said

    Hi, again Oli, just to say we are thinking of you and send you our love.

    Mike and Sue xxxxxxx

  12. Alaistair said

    Hi Oli, just wanted to say we are all wishing you the best from up North, hope you can get through this quickly and back home soon.
    Kindest Regards

  13. Emily said

    That was one of my complications too, all resolved after the Steroid treatment 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon Mr Oli x

  14. Pauline & Malcolm etc said

    Hi Fungus the Bogeyman!
    Hopefully we´ll be able to call you Oli again soon….
    Abigail was hoping to see you next week but heard you need a rest from germs and bugs for a while… and she has 3 quite big ones!
    We are all over in the summer for Aaron and Anna´s reception, so hope to you there.
    Love from all of us in Luxembourg. xxx

  15. Pauline & Malcolm etc said

    Hello again… just checked out the link and decided we´d call you Betty Boop instead, not sure which is more flattering?!?

  16. Jean Hunter said

    Hi Oli – Yes, the Hunters are all thinking of you and sorry to hear that you are back in hospital – knowing you it will not be for long!!! Thinking of you, get well soon, and hopefully see you soon. Lots of Love Jean & boys.

    PS – No doubt Christopher will send his own message – at present he is slaving away at school!! x

  17. steven and lorraine said

    Hi Oli, hope the ‘goo’ is!! sorry! and you are feeling a bit brighter today – we are sure you will be back home in your comfy chair very soon. Lots of love The Bowens xx

  18. kevnles said

    Hi Oli, always thinking of you, big hugs from a rainy cold Cyprus! Hope that the goo is shifting well. Big support hugs to K as well xxxxxxx

  19. sally said

    Hi Oli,
    Hope the treatment is going ok. Hopefully you wont be in there too long otherwise you might encounter another visit from my brother (james, he popped his head in on monday when he was having his checkup) and you will be back home again very soon.
    Take care
    Sally x

  20. Pauline said

    Hi Oli
    Hope that this blip doesn’t keep you away from home too long.Knowing how you’ve dealt with everything so far I’m sure it won’t
    love and best wishes,
    Pauline and all at the DFN

  21. suzie said

    Many ‘get back on your feet and home pronto’ vibes winging their way down to you from some more Northerners.

    Urry up will ya!

    Much love

  22. AL said

    Dude…never a dull moment with you!! Make sure you rest and get rid of the goo!! 🙂 It’s been so fun to read about you up and around with your new lungs!! I can’t describe our excitement here in Texas…we’re thinking about you and we love you…

  23. anna berdo said

    Hiya Oli, hoping that you’re okay today and that the treatments are doing their work. Thinking of you my friend, I’m so sorry that it’s been such a rough trot for you recently. With love and prayers from Anna x x x x

  24. Lynn said

    Hope you start to feel better soon Oli. You have a lot of people thinking of you. You will be home before you know it!!
    Best wishes
    Lynn x

  25. Larry said

    Oranising Pneumonia? Cheeky buggers – marching around your lungs carving out picket signs for the next union rally? Hang in there, Oli – I’m cheering for you!

  26. Hayley said

    Hi Oli,
    Hope your holiday in E ward is going well. Fancy that athletes foot in your lung now theres a new one. Lets hope that those IV critters are attacking those little athlete foot buggers quickly and you can get those 4 days in a row at home with K.
    Our love to you and yours
    Hayley, David and Robert xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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