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Posted by Oli on Friday 18th January, 2008

Apparently, according to my blog stats, which wordpress very kindly provide me with, someone searched for “rude bits” and got sent to my blog….  Bet they were disappointed.


8 Responses to “Google”

  1. rob said

    I bet they were!!!

  2. J said

    Hi Oli,
    dont feel sorry for him it may make him think about singning up .
    KEEP UP the good progress.

    All the best from us


  3. rob said

    Having one of those random thoughts like I do – what rude word would bring you to Oli Lewington?

  4. sarah said

    it was me 😉

    n it wasnt, but i might try that out of curiousity (icant spell today)

  5. Bruce said

    Thank you for that, that made my day =D

    S’been a hard one…seriously, Activ8 is an absolute shambles without you and Suzanne. Today was absolutely unbelieveable.

    Hope you’re OK =)


  6. Frizzymum said

    I’ve tried as hard as I can to make some rude words out of your name…but all that I can come up with is LITE WING LOON.

  7. Hayley said

    Hi Oli, Good to hear you are at home again. Making rude words out of your name but had better not print as Robert will look and wonder what the hell I am doing.
    Keep well this time
    Love Hoskins X3 xxxxx

  8. Emily said

    LOL. Incidentally people keep reaching after searching Noel Edmonds (thanks to one of the articles). Poor souls…. 😉

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