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Anglia News Tonight (Friday) [Updated!]

Posted by Oli on Friday 28th December, 2007

Full post coming later, as per usual, but just a quickie to say you can see the all new fit and healthy me on Anglia News tonight at 6.30pm.  Failing which, for those of you too impatient to wait for the news or who live outside the Anglia region, you can click the link below and watch the piece on the good ol’ interweb.

Watch in amazement as I run up stairs, talk rubbishly about post-transplantyness and stand on a freezing cold lakeshore with K pretending to look like we’re there for fun!  And look out for Mummy L’s perfect post-tx soundbite….


23 Responses to “Anglia News Tonight (Friday) [Updated!]”

  1. sarah said


    will watch once i wrestle the wii remote from little hands. not sure if we get anglia, as we are between anglia and carlton terrioty but will try.

    what lake did they make you go to? news people love lakes. we ended up at the park near stanborough lakes for channel 🙂

  2. Frizzymum said

    I’ll be tuning in – and taping it for future generations to enjoy, you media tartlet you!

  3. Bruce said

    *points at the media whore*

    You better link me, I’ll be having untold fun in Ikea at 6:30…


  4. Jean Hunter said

    You really are a STAR and already appearing on the local TV channel, I just can’t believe it!! Oli, as each day passes you spring a surprise on me it certainly sounds as though you are going from strength to strength; I’m really happy for you. At this rate you will be challenging Christopher for a game of football. Unfortunately unable to get Anglia but will get mum to watch and record ‘the’ programme for me. (Shall also attempt to watch it from your blog site.) Love to Kati & family. Big hug and kisses Jean and the boys xxxx

  5. elaine said

    bruce sent me a text telling me to watch so i knew i should check up on here…can’t wait!

    what were they doing putting you on a lake?
    good thing you have incredible acting skills eh? 🙂

  6. Suze said

    Media Whore! xxxxx

    Will be watching, of course!

  7. Jacqui said

    Just watched your piece. Feel excited for you, what a fantastic transformation.

  8. suzie said

    Good to see you talking, walking, climbing and helping your mam out it the kitchen chuck. You and K looked freeeeezing in the lake take though, made me shudder.

    Loved the post from your dad.

    Much love from all in Chester.

  9. Gary said

    Just watched the news piece on the internet. Even though you have been a bit poorly over xmas, you look sooo well, even more so than when we saw you last week.

    Keep up the walking and looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Gary ;o)

  10. lynn said

    Just saw the TV news of you post transplant, and it has made me even more determined to get my transplant. The difference was amazing. Seeing you run up the stairs.. got me and my partner very emotional. You look so well Oli.

    Keep it up.

  11. Bruce said

    Not even walking – positively trotting!


  12. Bruce said

    And Marina sends a lorra-love too. (And is signing the register as we speak.)

    All the original Activ8ers love you.


  13. Audrey said

    Cooool you! And lovely to see your face too, K 😉
    Mum did great – I love her kitchen 🙂

    Oli, you look amazing which is so good to see xx

  14. sarah said

    just seen you on the internet link. wow, you look amazing. absolutly wonderful.

    K looks lovely and you are all just glowing.

  15. inga longman said

    wow oli you look great and so well.i am so pleased for you and kat and your family xx have a lovley new yrs eve with your loved ones xx

  16. elaine said

    i watched it on tv so you’d be all big screeny and stuff 🙂 and you look great!

    i woke my mum up especially to watch it, what she was doing asleep on the sofa at half six i’m not entirely sure..

  17. Bruce said

    I bet you’d like to hear what she *really* said…



  18. Jean Hunter said

    Oli – Seeing you on the Anglian link you were truly amazing – it certainly brought a few tears to the eyes. I know that ‘Lake’, and who ever thought I would witness you walking round that Lake, hand in hand with K and feeling good. Love to you all Jean & boys xxxx

  19. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli that is the best news report in the world that was greeat to see. I hope your life goes on like this. I can not wait to meet up some time.
    Lots of love XXXXXXXXX

  20. Emily said

    you rock. even if you do look rather cold in that last pictureque scene 😉 x

  21. Rheya said

    that was soo cool! You look so great and I got very excited when I saw you running (?!) up the stairs 😀 I was shouting at Alex to look. Well done! It’s so good to see you looking healthy and happy.
    I hope you are having a good day today, sorry to hear about christmas, but like Kati and your Dad I’m more taken with how well you’re doing 🙂 you’ve got a life time of christmases ahead!
    Have a great weekend and hope I’ll see you soon
    Rhey xx

  22. Kate said

    Hey Oli

    You look fantastic! Great to see how well you look. I’m sure you’ll be running marathons in no time.
    What a 2008 ahead!
    Love to the family

    Kate x

  23. Liz Upton said

    The stairs caused weeping to erupt in the Upton household. Well done!

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