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Just a major minor setback

Posted by Oli on Thursday 27th December, 2007

24 hours later and I’m all tucked up home again.  My tac levels are all over the place and the docs can’t really work out why, but on the basis that pre-Christmas they let me go if I came back every day for bloods to keep an eye on them, they couldn’t see any more reason to keep me in if they were only going to be doing the same thing there and have me taking up precious bedspace and resources for the rest of the time.

I’m not about to start arguing with their logic.

I guess, after the last two blog-hijackers entries, I can hardly say I’ve had a rubbish Christmas or that I spolied it for everyone, since that’s already been disproved.  What I can say is that it’s no fun spending Christmas day feeling like you’re about to hurl, nor is it a bundle of laughs spending Boxing Day actually hurling and in hospital.

That said, it was wonderful to be at home and have the chance to celebrate, as much as I could, with my nearest and dearest, even if it did feel somewhat tainted by sickness.  I was incredibly lucky with the tremendous gifts I recieved from family and friends and I shall enjoy getting out and spending the bundle of vouchers I received as soon as my docs let me out in puclic places.

There’s not a great deal for me to add – being in hospital, particularly for one night when you’re mostly concentrating on not throwing up – doesn’t give you a great deal of war stories to relate.  The team of docs and nurses were fab as usual – the nurses particularly making me feel right at home again.  The one advantage of spending a month on the same ward is that you do get to know the staff particularly well, and it feels like something of a bittersweet homecoming when you’re entrusted to their care again.

So, Merry Christmas again, and apologies to all those of you I didn’t reply to on the day with emails and text messages, but I was rather preoccupied with either celebrating as best I could or sleeping the sickness off.

Here’s to a better and more stable New Year’s celebration and to an ever strong me off into 2008.


12 Responses to “Just a major minor setback”

  1. Bruce said

    Five minutes since I last checked and that pops up. Unbelieveable, and fantastic =)


  2. Gary said

    Well done you!! Great to hear you’re home again!

    Gary ;o)

  3. kevnles said

    lovely to have you back Oli.

  4. Jean Hunter said

    Just about to switch off the computer, thought I’d check your blog site, and guess what Oli is back at home – FANTASTIC. You’ll get there Oli. Lots of love Jean xx

    PS Christopher will send you a message tomorrow he’s had a couple of hectic days, and has already gone to bed now. xx

  5. sarah said

    i’m glad you are home again. tac levels are a b*gger (i will keep saying that, and Bev will agree lol). Peters are generally a little too high at about 19, but he feels ok.

    I know what you mean about being on the ward for long periods of time. Room 7 will always be Peters room, so many memories in that room. He ended up back in that room earlier this month after a biopsy. 🙂

    Take care, and look forward to more updates soon.


  6. Rose said

    Have been offline for a couple of days, so had not realised that you were back at Harefield. Very glad to hear you are now back at home … sorry your Christmas wasn’t as you had hoped but as you say it must just have been wonderful to have been at home with your nearest and dearest.

    lots of love to you all

    Rose xx

  7. elaine said

    yay 😀
    i hope they sort out your TAC levels
    and when i’m a doctor…i’ll know what they are 😀

    here’s to a wonderful new year! *ching ching* (with imaginary glasses of champagne of course)


  8. lynn said

    Glad your back home….hoping the New Year celebrations are better for you. I am looking forward to reading more updates.
    Take care

  9. Alaistair said

    Would just like to wish you the very best for 2008; may all your hopes and dreams come true.
    Kindest Regards. Alaistair

  10. Hayley said

    Was just paying the tv licence and thought I know I will ring Oli but as usual you are in demand ha ha, being interviewed by the tv so will speak to you later.
    Sorry that you had such a rotten Christmas Day but am really glad that you are home again and although your Tacs (which I am sure will be a taboo word one of these days)are all over the place you are home which is really fab.
    I am sure that it will not be long before you are out and about spending those vouchers in MK mind you after the mad dash for towels and bed linen etc in John Lewis today you are better off being at home at the moment it was manic.

    Here is to you keep getting better, moving ever onwards and upwards and to a fabulous New Year.
    All our Love
    David, Hayley and Robert xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Bev and Lucy Pearson said

    Oli, I have to agree with Sarah, yes Tac levels are a real pain. Lucy has always been on fortnightly bloods due to them and has just gone monthly (slightly nervous mummy here!) That said, I really hope that things start to settle soon for you. We’ve been there with the exceptionally high levels and have recently had very low levels – it’s all part of the fun!!

    I’m pleased that you are home and have to agree with what your dad wrote; from a parent’s point of view it’s just fantastic that our children are still with us come what may 🙂

    I hope that you all can relax and enjoy New Year. Thinking of you and your family lots (even though we have never met I’ve heard all about you via Em and Emmie).

    Take care

    Bev x

  12. Audrey said

    Sorry to hear about those pesky Tacrolimus making you sick.
    They never made me sick, but they did give me some blinding headaches and the shakes. It’s a relief when the side effects settle down.
    Here’s to a New Year full of good things for all of you xx

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