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Oli’s coming home!

Posted by Oli on Friday 21st December, 2007


Oli’s docs have just seen his blood test results from today and told him that he’s alllowed home this evening!  He has agreed to come back every day for further blood tests and needs to take a bag every day in case he gets re-admitted but I think he’d agree to almost anything in order to spend one night away from hospital.

I’m so hugely happy for him!


20 Responses to “Oli’s coming home!”

  1. sarah said


    have a good welcome home Oli, and merry xmas to you all




  2. sandy said

    Yay, Yay, Yay, Im dancing round the room for you Oli, so glad you are making your escape! Read your article in the mirror, You look so well! and its a great piece to! A big Yay for you! What a great Xmas for you All! x

  3. Angela Rhodes said

    Wow, fantastic news. Just read the article in the Mirror – you look amazing. Have a wonderful Christmas – send our love to Linda, Keith and Tim. Angela

  4. Aaron and Anna said

    Hi, great news to be heading home, and ive got the mirror. Thinking of you all and wish you the best christmas ever.


    Love Aaron and Anna

  5. Helen said

    Good Luck Oli

    I had a kidney transplant earlier this year and as you know the recovery process is not nearly as complicated as it is for lungs. The most useful thing the Consultant told me on the HDU, when I was stepped down, was “dont worry if you get a bit of a setback – we can sort it out” which I clung onto when I was recalled the same day I was discharged. “This is the very good after care I have been told about” I kept saying to myself. And later I was allowed home for the night as long as I came back for a blood test the next day and then allowed home to come back to the clinic the next day. Sounds familiar? Its a process.

    Fantastic to hear they have let you out. Go with the flow.


  6. sally said

    WEY HEY!!!! fantastic news, THE BEST!! Have a great christmas all of you!!!! sallyx

  7. Rose said

    Fantastic news!

  8. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli that is wonderful news to hear i could jump over the moon that is fabulas after what happened yesterday. I am really that you will be home for Christmas
    Merry Christmas
    Lots of Love Christopher XXXXXX

  9. Fi said


    Much love


  10. Alison said

    Happy days

  11. I’m with all of the others — Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!

    I’m so happy for you, Oli… I remember my first day home after my transplant as if it were yesterday… We sat at the table having dinner — Laura (my wife), my Mom, my little Sister and me… Everything was pretty wonderful…

    After dinner I began crying and it threw everyone into a little fluster worried what might be wrong… I told them I was fine — I told them that it had just dawned on me that we didn’t have to get up and start pounding on my chest for two hours… Then they started crying with me…

    You’re beginning a new journey — and you’re leaving an old one behind… I hope yours is as wonderful as mine has been…



  12. Ali A said

    Yaaaaay, Wishing you the best Xmas ever, take it easy and enjoy being back home. Thinking of you and k
    huge hugs

  13. Christina said

    Fantastic news!!!! Yay!! xx

  14. suzie said


    Speechless here, well not quite.

    Very very good stuff, well done you.

    Much love, pleased as punch you’re heading home.

  15. Audrey Eade said

    So delighted to hear this. It will be amazing to be sitting in your own lounge and will probably really bring home events of the past few weeks.


  16. Thackray famiy said

    Sending joyful congratulations and much love from us all at your knotted sheet escape!! You will find an ever increasing recovery infinitely more enjoyable as your new life becomes an amazing reality. We are so thrilled for you Oli. Love to all your family and enjoy this Christmas to the full xxx

  17. Jean Hunter said

    Oli – I have just read the latest update to your journal – I just can’t believe it. Our internet was down this morning, I’ve been out all day, Mrs Hunter ‘senior’ has been babysitting – It’s now 8pm and now I’ve got to rush out and purchase a copy of the Daily Mirror!! Cheers to a real STAR – Have a great Christmas, speak soon, Lots of Love & hugs Jean xxx

  18. Anna Berdo said

    What fantastic news is this Oli?!!! You’re wonderful. Sending so much love to you all. I shed a tear of joy as I read the article in the Mirror, what a lovely article. And I have to say that you look so well!!! As I opened the paper I had prepared myself for seeing an Oli who had been in hospital for a few weeks, not eating much etc… I can’t get over how lovely and well you’re looking.
    Enjoy your first night away from the hospital in a lovely bed with a duvet! You might even have a lie-in?!! Goodness knows you deserve one! Warren and I are so over the moon,sending all our love to you all Xxx

  19. caroline said

    Just made a crap day amazing xxxxx

  20. Hi Oli

    I wanted to send you my very best wishes and lots of good thoughts for your recovery. I’m now 5 years on from my heart and lung transplant, and I know how the early days are tough to get through – I too got lots of nausea which was hard to deal with, but hang on in there, one day at a time and it all improves. Our bodies are amazing, being able to heal up after such surgery then adapt to all the new medications, so you’ll get there.

    I sent a copy of my book about my transplant to you via Bill Bryson – I was at Durham University, so am right behind Bill’s campaign.

    All the very best to you, and I’ll keep reading your blog

    Diana Sanders

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