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Blimey – I’m back

Posted by Oli on Friday 21st December, 2007

Crikey – that was all a bit of a roller-coaster, wasn’t it?  I’m starting to feel like I slightly over-use that metaphor, but it I’ve now discovered it’s very definition.

Still, finding myself sat back in the bathroom where I was relaxing when my mother burst into the room, towel in hand to pluck me from the bath and whisk me off to Harefield not a month and a day ago brings a certain surreality to the whole thing.  Not so much closure as openage: the start of a new life from the page I left the old one.

As Kati said in her last entry, I’ll be finding myself running to and fro to Harefield every morning for the next week or so for bloods and a doctor’s consultation, but it’s a small price to pay for being out of hospital and home for Christmas – not to mention, as Anna pointed out in the previous comments section, sleeping in a bed with a duvet!

It’s been a crazy last 4-and-a-half weeks, and I’m not out of the woods yet, or fully recovered by any means, but I’m home, I’m happy and I’ve got my family and loved ones around me and that’s all a guy can ask for.

I can’t begin to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve given me through this whole wonderful, trying, exceptional, terrifying, beautiful ordeal.  Words cannot express the strength and resolve you have all given me with your prayers, thoughts and words of wisdom and cheer.  You have all played just as big a role in my recovery as any medical science has.

I fully intend to make the very most of my new life.  I want to be able to say that if my donor’s family knew who I was and what I had done with my new life, they would be proud of me and comforted to know that the death of their loved one wasn’t wasted, but helped to save and transform a life which meant something.

To my donor: I can never thank you face-to-face, but if you’re there and you’re watching, be confident that you have given the greatest gift anyone can give and that I will not waste a second of the second life you’ve given me.  God bless you and keep you in eternal life.


41 Responses to “Blimey – I’m back”

  1. diddyangel said

    Welcome back 🙂 So glad to see you posting and home!! Has made my christmas 🙂 woo hoo x x x x x

  2. Rheya said

    😀 Welcome back!
    I’m so happy for you! Returning home from anywhere is great, you must be extatic!
    Although you can now read your own bad cracker jokes, heres what todays was going to be…

    What was the tortoise doing on the motorway?

    About 1mph
    (Cue bad audience laugh)

    I also saw a good one in a real joke book earlier today lol, but it’s a bit long, so will tell you when I see you. Got my copy of the Daily Mirror today, you look great! You look so alive and healthy :). I hope you have a fantastic first evening home and hope to see you soon, say hey to Kati for me.
    Love Rheya xx

  3. Pauline said

    Hi Oli – would just like to say Merry Christmas and The Best New Year EVER!!!

    Life can only get better now I’m sure of it.


    Paulline 🙂

  4. Jayne said

    Great Oli, really great. :0)

    I am SO pleased for you.


  5. Lorraine said

    Oli – Your such an inspiration. I know you’ll go on to do such marvellous things because you are that – marvellous. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas with your family and the lovely K – who is such a supportive, loving and wonderful human being to have in your life. You are so very very lucky and so very deserving. I’m off on holiday in 12 hours with my son’s and my family and I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Take it easy, take it steady and I send you much love and good wishes for 2008 – I know you will make a difference, no doubt about that.
    Much love and regards to K,


  6. rob said

    It’s great to have you home!!!!

  7. Ellen Preston said

    Hi Oli – prayer DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE and now you know!!! So many of us have been supporting you and no one is more thrilled than me that you are now back with your loved ones. I dont need to tell you how lucky you are to have your family and K behind you, so just look forward and enjoy all that life has to offer you in 2008 and beyond. We bought the DM today and all my family have read it – hope it brings forth many new donors. God bless, love Ellen

  8. Oli's mum said

    No words can express how I feel.My Oli is back and can breath and smile like he did as a child.I wish him and Kati a life that they though that they may never had imagined.I thank the donor for making a dream of new life come true.

  9. Audrey Eade said

    Awww, brought a little tear to my eye …..

    Welcome home, Oli.

    May you continue to make steady progress.

    Audrey xxx

  10. Jacqui said

    Just travelling down the A6 from Luton Airport heading home and thought i’d check your blog on my phone (i’m not driving,so don’t worry! ). So glad I did! Enjoy home and have a marvellous Christmas. X

  11. shelley nunan said

    you must be the hardest person in the world to track i’ve finally posted your christmas card to ward e at harefield and now i find out you’ve done a bunk – typical! make sure you track it down as i made it with my own fair hands! Oh and well done too

  12. Frizzymum said

    OMG OMG OMG! I leave my computer for a day and what happens?! A very big welcome home Oli – I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for you, Kati and the family….what a Christmas it will be in the Lewington household!

    Incidently, my Holly (aged 5) saw your pic in the paper today and said you look like Prince Charming (!). It was real ‘ahhhhh’ moment, spoilt only by Ruby (aged 2) looking over her shoulder and blowing a raspberry….

    All my love from your very happy Aunty Frizz Xx

  13. Aimee and mum said

    Great great news!! so glad that you are home. We saw you in the paper today and couldnt believe how super wonderful and healthy you look. You are an inspiration, Enjoy home and all the love around you

  14. sally said

    Fantastic news Oli, im really pleased for you, Kati and the rest of your family, what a rollercoaster these transplants are but so worth it!! Have a great christmas you all deserve it, sallyx

  15. Andy H said

    Brilliant news! Welcome home Oli, you are the 2nd member of the November Tx club, it’s a very select group hehe!!
    I hope you, your family & loved ones have the best Christmas ever and that you continue to go from strength to strength!

    Always remember you have a friend in me if you ever need any post Tx queries or advice.

    Best wishes & manly hugs xx

  16. elaine said


    i come home from possibly the worst day ever and see this..and..just…YAY!!
    absolutely made my day, week, month, everything 🙂

    gosh, i want to shout and swear and sing and dance

    and i bought a copy of the mirror today…for the fame and future which surely awaits you…i may ask you to sign it…

    too cheesey?

    i don’t care, you’re home!!!

    so very very excited for you!

  17. Bruce & Elaine said

    Well, we don’t exactly know what exactly to say, so instead why don’t you read what we *said*?

    It’ll make sense…

    Elaine says:

    Elaine says:
    how are you?

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:
    erm, can we delay that for a small explosion of OLI’S HOME

    Elaine says:
    ….*literally was just looking at blog*

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:
    you know what this means?

    Elaine says:
    i think i fucking do

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:
    do you want to do it or shall i?

    Elaine says:
    you do it

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:
    ok. they’re getting a bit frequent now…so every one’s a risk…but it’s worth it

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:
    so here goes

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    Bruce “Are we going for the old ‘if at first you don’t succeed, push harder’ technique?” Adams says:

    Elaine says:

    If we never told you about the High 5 Code (and the octuple variant for special occasions) before…you just saw it.

    Point, we think, made.


  18. elaine said

    actually…in my last comment…i lied…it wasn’t the worst day ever…there have been much much worse..but…it was pretty bad…

    but you made it all better 🙂
    so thank you for that!

    and, again…
    *screams and dances round the room*
    SO happy for you!

  19. Bruce said


    Have you got our medal?



  20. Emily said

    Welcome to the NLC good sir….

    you’re going to love it 😉


  21. Naoishe said

    YAY enjoy being home huni!
    Sending lots of lovey keepy mendy vibes your way

  22. lynn said

    Enjoy your second life Oli, I am sure you will live it to the full. I hope you both have a lovely Christmas with your familys, and a Happy and Healthy New Year. ENJOY!!!

  23. suzie said

    Brilliant to see you posting from home Oli, well done mate, I knew you’d get there.

    Have a good un.

  24. Gary said


    We are both sooo pleased that you have been able to come home for xmas. Looking forward to beating you at Buzz very soon!!! ;o)


  25. Rose said

    Fab to see you posting from home … and a lovely message from your Mum. What a wonderful Christms present for you and the family. I will be thinking of you all and of your donor family over the holidays and look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Much love

    Rose xxx

  26. Hayley said

    My goodnight what a roller coaster, as I have been reading your blogs my emotions have been up one minute and down the next. Especially the last few days when you were coming home then not, I was reading your blog to David and Robert, one minute elated the next downtrodden but now I am truly elated as we all are.
    We are so proud of you and so thankful to God for keeping our Oli safe.
    So happy for Kati, your mum and dad and Tim for having you home.
    We are truly blessed to have you Oli in our lives and so very happy that you are home for Christmas.
    We look forward to seeing you fit and well, breathing on your own and enjoying your life the way you were always meant to be.
    Our love always Oli
    David, Hayley and Robert. xxxxxxxx

  27. Alice said

    From far away, such joy and happiness for you! For you all! What a Christmas it’ll be!! Lot’s of love and daily thoughts from me and the Joe xx

  28. Fi said

    Oh Oli, such a beautiful entry! So glad you are home.
    Your mum must be bursting with pride, hope, love and joy, what a wondeful present for her this Christmas… her boy breathing free.

    Much love to you, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  29. Ali A said

    pure inspiration, that’s what you are mate and SQUEAK( with happiness) that your home for crimbo
    Lots of hugs

  30. John Riggs said

    Welcome home Oli,enjoy every second of your new life.

    Merry Christmas to you and the family.

    Best wishes


  31. Richard and Gill Huddie said

    Hi Oli, we’re both so thrilled for you to be home, it’s such great news!
    Wishing you and all the family a very happy Christmas together,
    lots of love
    Rich and Gill xxx

  32. Pete said

    The great Mazda 6 race will soon be on my man!!!

    Round and round the roundabouts of MK starting and finishing at the concrete cows!


    (You didn’t expect anything sensible from me I hope!)

  33. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! So so happy that you’re home Oli!!! You’ve worked so hard and you deserve so much to spend christmas surrounded by family and all your creature comforts. I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be your friend and how you’ve inspired me to grab life with both hands and enjoy every moment with those who mean the most. I’ve been fighting my own little battle alongside you and your strength and never ending compassion for those around you has given me the courage to get better too. So thank you Oli, beautiful, bold and brilliant Oli, may you have a very very special Christmas and a healthy, exciting new year.
    Pick a star in the sky and think of it as your donar looking down on you and smiling with pride as he watches you on your new journey through life. Yours is a very special life Oli and you have much to give and so much to do, just remember to pencil me in for some Oli time now and again.
    If you fancy a visitor tomorrow or Monday please just let me know and I’ll be there with bells on!!!
    Love to you and your family always, Katie B XXXXXXXX

  34. Guy Jones said

    Hooray! That’s fantastic news! Have a great Christmas and an amazing new year, and new life!!!! I’m so looking forward to seeing you, let me know when you are up for a visit. I’m sure you’ll be overwhelmed with visitors, just let me know when is a good time. I shall sleep very well tonight knowing that you are back home tucked up in you’re own bed, with a duvet!!

    So happy for you, though at times it seemed an age, it now seems incredible that it’s only a month since the op and you’re home!

    Lots of love

    Guy x

  35. Ashley and Chris Coggins said

    Great to hear you are home.
    God Bless and enjoy every moment of your new life
    Ashley and Chris

  36. Bev and Lucy Pearson said

    Glad to read that you are home – let’s keep it that way shall we?!?! No, honestly, joking aside, I am so pleased for you all.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve the pain of travelling to and fro the hospital every day. We ourselves know only too well what a pain it is.

    I hope that you all have a truly magical Christmas that has been made extra special by a wonderful family somewhere …….

    All the best

    Bev and Lucy Pearson

  37. Jess Dryburgh adnd family said


    We’re all so pleased to hear that you are back home for Christmas!

    You’re such an inspiration to everyone.
    I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year – You truly deserve it!

    Jess xx

  38. kevnles said

    Oli, we are so happy for you and especially Kati, we send big hugs for xmas and new year.

  39. caroline said

    Just relax and enjoy and sleep like a baby in your own bed, what joy ………

  40. elaine said

    this i the third time i’ve commented this particular post, i’m not stalking you i promise.

    now that that’s out of the way…there are 2 things i want to say, one in response to gary’s comment….buzz is the best game ever!! 😀

    and secondly, i’ve been enjoying rheyas cracker jokes as much as you have i’m sure…so i thought i’d join the trend and leave you a particularly good one..

    we’re not having crackers..but they gave us them with the christmas dinner at school (which had THE soggiest veg i’ve ever seen EVER, disgusting)

    anyway, my frined james’ cracker came up with this one..

    why is milk the fastest drink there is?

    because it’s pasteruised before you see it!
    (get it? get it? pasteurised..past your eyes….incredible i know)

    mine however, wasn’t so wonderful.
    what has 22 legs and 2 wings?

    a football team.

    i may just hve a terrible sense of humour but that didn’t amuse me at all…

    i’m done now

    i hope your first day at home was magical 🙂
    i’m sure i’ll read about it some time soon 🙂


  41. mike and sue huddie said

    Oli Lewington you are amazing and what incredible fantastic stupendous news. Have the most wonderful time this Christmas. We shall be thinking of you from the other side of the world.
    Lots of love Mike Sue Pete and Min xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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