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Next stop, Room 4

Posted by Oli on Thursday 20th December, 2007

Oli has now stayed in 4 rooms within the transplant ward.  He has been in a high dependancy room, a not-so-quite- high dependancy room, a goodbye-you’re-going-home room, and as of half past 8 this evening an unlucky-you-might-be-here-until-Christmas room.

The past two days haven’t been quite so bad for him.  Yesterday I went to see him along with two really good friends of ours and we merrily chatted for hours and helped Oli almost forget that the day sucked because he wasn’t well.

Today he was definitely starting to struggle with the idea that the goal of going home is getting harder to reach.  One of the highlights of his day was being interviewed by a lovely lady from the Daily Mirror – the article will be in tomorrows (Friday 21st Dec.) paper.  I repeat in case you weren’t paying attention – BUY THE DAILY MIRROR TOMORROW BECAUSE OLI WILL BE IN IT.  I think that’s clear now, don’t you?

This afternoon became a bit of a battle against nausea and tiredness.  He’s had a rough couple of days, along with the physical presence of the latest infection, he has also had to use a lot of mental and emotional energy in trying to keep positive and not get too upset about staying in hospital. 

Unfortunately, no matter how many members of staff say that Christmas on the ward is fun, being part of Christmas on the ward is a big reminder that you’re not remotely well enough to go home.  Fingers crossed however, the decision to keep him in hasn’t been made yet and we still have a few days to get the infection under control and get Oli home.  It’s difficult to get into the Christmas spirit though.

As we left this evening Oli’s mood had changed again to being resigned to his fate, come what may.  Hopefully he’ll get visited by three ghosts this evening who will each help him find the fight to carry on.  I know it’s tough, I’ve been there, different situation but I’ve been in hospital over Christmas.  The big difference for Oli is that he still has a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel which will lead him home for Christmas dinner.

Plus he’s already received the greatest gift possible so Christmas is already better than it was going to be.

Don’t forget to buy the Mirror tomorrow – you’ll get your first glimpse of Oli post-transplant!


13 Responses to “Next stop, Room 4”

  1. sue said

    loads of really positive thoughts coming your way – wish we could do more to ensure that you’re home soon, but quite convinced that you’ll be home when it’s right to be there.

  2. Katie H said

    Thanks for the heads up on the Mirror tomorrow, I’ll be sure to get one. Oli I hope those three ghosts manage to cheer you up over night, and wish you all the infection-fighting thoughts I can muster to still get home in time for Christmas. Katie

  3. Jacqui said

    Will definitely buy the Mirror out here in Spain. Fingers crossed you’ll be home for Christmas. X

  4. Emma said

    Hi Oli,

    (oops typed Oil by mistake then!). Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and sending good luck vibes your way. I’ll look out for you in the Mirror tomorrow.

  5. Ghost of Christmas Present said

    I am the ghost of Christmas Present. The ghost of Christmas Past was too much of a drag to be with – he was sick, was waiting for a lung transplant, and wasn’t much fun to be around. The ghost of Christmas Future was too fast for me to keep up with – he had his transplant just over a year ago, can now run like the wind, and is so full of life that he just can’t be tied down. So, with those two out of the way, I thought I’d visit you. It must be a drag to have the spectre of a hospital stay over Christmas as a possibility for you, but know that many many people are thinking of you and wishing you well, even from far-off countries. A lot of things that happen to us in life have a silver lining – yes, you might have to stay in the hospital a little longer, but isn’t that better than still being at home, sick, and still waiting for that beeper to go off? You have the love of your family and a girlfriend whose beauty, though I have not seen her, shines through her writings of admiration for you. I’m sure this is a tough time, but your inner strength is huge. Draw on it if you can – for next year you’ll be racing along side Christmas Future. I wish you all the best – Larry (Canada)

  6. Emily said You heard it here first… 😉

    But I still need to go and buy a copy to catch a glimpse of the man himself!

    Oli you rock muchly as always x

  7. Rheya said

    Good Morning! 🙂
    Sorry no message last night I was out at a reunion meal thing (strangest mix of people I’ve ever seen!) However… you will be pleased to know that I took everyones cracker jokes and now have a long supply of bad jokes to share with you 🙂
    Last nights joke (todays will be put up later):

    Which hand should you use to stir your tea with?

    wait for it…

    Neither, you should use a spoon!

    🙂 tragic, I know. Lol I need one of those load audience laughs to send as an attached file.
    Hope you feel OKish this morning, fingers still crossed for christmas. I shall return later with more bad jokes, am off to read the paper 🙂
    Have a good day
    Rheya x

  8. Rheya said

    Hehe I think I used too many smilies! x

  9. Frizzymum said

    Great to see our media tartlet back in action! Jeez you were a cute kid…what went wrong?! Seriously – it was great to see you looking so much better already in your post-tx pic. Hang in there hunny. Much love xx.

  10. Bruce said

    Dizzying heights of national publicity…this blog will be teeming with anonymous wellwishers within the hour =)

    You look fantastic, you really do.



  11. Guy Jones said

    Hi Oli, must go and get the paper, will be great to see you (even just in a picture!) hope you are feeling better. Wherever you spend this Christmas it surely must be the best ever having such a great present to celebrate, and to be able to look forward to many more healthy happy christmases at home.

    Lots of love,


  12. Frizzymum said

    Me again – back on the nightshift! Just a quickie to let you know that my Holly (aged 5) saw your pic in the paper and said you look like Prince Charming (!). It was real ‘ahhhhh’ moment, spoilt only by Ruby (aged 2) looking over her shoulder and blowing a raspberry…. Much love tonight Oli – hoping tomorrow finds you yet another step closer to home. Xx

  13. suzie said

    Hope alls going well at the rents, have a good one chuck.
    All the best from us in Chester.

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