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Posted by Oli on Wednesday 19th December, 2007

Oli won’t be home this week, or in time for Christmas quite probably.

He woke up today feeling rubbish and with a temperature, gutted doesn’t even come close to how he’s feeling right now.  His doc saw him and was also gutted for Oli, especially as the doc said he had plans to send Oli home today – Oli didn’t really want to hear that.

Right now we’re waiting for blood tests and x-rays to come back before they decide on a plan of Oli.  In the meantime we have a very sad and poorly Oli.

I can’t think of a single thing to say or do to make him feel better at the moment, I’m just going to go to hospital and give him a big hug.


43 Responses to “D’oh”

  1. Fiona said

    So sorry to hear your bad news, especially when you were so close to getting home but this time next year you will look back at this and realise just how far you have come, and it truely will be the best christmas ever. I wish you a speedy recovery from the latest hiccup and remember thats all it is, things are on the up! xox

  2. Katie said

    Oh Oli, I’m so sorry to hear this, I can’t imagine how you all feel about it, but do know that there are hundreds of people around the country wishing you a speedy recovery from this latest setback. Take care, Katie

  3. Jayne said

    Sending you and Oli my best thoughts and wishes. What a bummer to say the least.

    Lots of love


  4. sally said

    Hi Kati,
    Just wanted to say how sorry i am for you all, it is so frustrating this end bit being so close to getting oli home. James had a couple of days we expected him home and then they kept him to be sure (which is good but frustrating). The day he actually came home he had been told he was , then he wasnt so dissappointed went to get some food with kim and mum and when they came back the docs had had a meeting and decided he could! Just hang in there you are in the home stretch and it wont be long. You all take care and have a great christmas love sallyx

  5. Jo said

    I’m so sorry to hear that you won’t be home Oli hope you fel better soon best wishes from Jo xx

  6. Emily said

    oh ARSE.



  7. Emmie said

    Awww poor Oli and poor you! Talk about pulling the rug from under both of your feet :o( I wish I could say something constructive but I can’t so I’m just sending a big fat hug to you both and hoping so much that may be this is something small that can be sorted out quickly xxxxx

  8. Frizzymum said

    Gutted for you all. Xx I know it’s little consolation, but one of the best Christmases we ever had was held in January! It was after Holly had to spend Christmas in hospital, so we made sure we made up with mega-festivities in the New Year instead.

    I know it’s a massive disappointment now, but hopefully you won’t have to wait that much longer, and can look forward to the massive parties that we’ll be throwing all over the UK and further afield once Oli’s fit enough to be home.

    All my love and hugs in the meantime. Xx

  9. Lorraine said

    Sending massive hugs to you both. xx

  10. Bev and Lucy Pearson said

    I’m sending hugs and get well quickly vibes.


  11. kevnles said

    same as everyone there are no words to say but sending you positive and medy hugs.

  12. Jax said

    😦 Huge hugs. xx

  13. Jac said

    So sorry to hear the news. I can’t really say anything to make it better, but am thinking of you and hoping they get on top of this infection asap. Jac xx

  14. Angela Rhodes said

    Ollie, I was so excited to hear from Mike yesterday that you were coming home and so sorry to ready today that you were poorly. Please know that Mike, I and the boys are all thinking about you and will keep up to date with your progress. Much love, Angela

  15. Fi said

    Oh what a bummer, but try to keep your pecker up lovely…. you will have many many more Christmases (not a word I know!) where you can have a lovely time with your family & K.

    Muchly love to you as always


  16. softie said

    Really sorry to hear you’re trapped, just as you were getting psyched-up to go home! It will happen, when it’s time, you have to hang in there until it does.

    Take care, get well, stay strong!


  17. Ali A said

    So very sorry to hear your not well enough to go home in fact my words won’t make you feel better but i’m thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts. you’ve done fantastic so far oli, keep fighting and remember we love you very much
    Jasmine the cat is sending meows to help you smile

  18. Jacqui said

    How disappointing for you all. Hope this turns out to be just a minor setback and Oli will be heading homeward bound very soon. xx

  19. lynn said

    I am so sorry to hear the news. But I know you will both stay strong, and that Oli will soon be home to start his new life. x

  20. sandy said

    Big Hugs for you Oli….. Hope you feel better and get home soon x x x

  21. Guy Jones said

    Hi you two. Missed the blog for a couple of days, and what a couple of days. Great to hear you two were laughing and joking and looking forward to Oli going home. So sad to hear there’s been a setback but I’m sure that SuperOli will overcome it very soon and be on his way soon.

    Thinking of you both at this dissapointing time, keep your spirits up, Oli has obviously come so far and we all want to hear that he’s going home, I feel positive that news will come again very soon.

    Lots of love

    Guy x

    PS Kati – sorry for my excited message today, should have read the blog first. Still love to have that cuppa though 🙂

  22. Rosie said

    Oli, I couldn’t believe it when I read this. What a let down 😦 If there’s any excuse to have an even BIGGER coming home party this is it.

    Gutted that you’re staying in that bit longer, hope the docs sort you out soon and you pick up soon too. Lots of love, Rosie (Sparkley) xx

  23. suzie said

    Temporary set back Oli, crap I know but you’ll get there chuck.

    Major (((HUGS))) to all.


  24. Lizzie83 said

    Oh what a pile of CF poo! So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and can’t get home tomorrow *big non contact hugs* So i’ll tell you something to hopefully make those new breathers laugh…

    Today i was reading the little book of poo (i’m very mature) which is a humourous book about poo that also has a Doctor telling you why they are that way. And hurrar CF gets a mention under…”rotten poo – a poo that smells like a dead animal is decomposing in your intestines” and “floaters Vs Stinkers”. For some reason i was proud.

    Lizzie xxx

  25. unlucky dude,
    really gutted for you, when i was in, i was told i would go home on the wednesday but then was told i would need to stay another week, i was gutted and it wasn’t even christmas, so i cant imagine how ya feeling.
    But on the other hand, better to be there looked after than go home and get a complication. And imagine how hard it would be to get help over xmas LOL so look on the bright side bud although i know it must be real hard at mo.
    strange really it brings back so many memorys for me when i read this blog.
    I have just caught a cold and feeling a bit poo, but hopefully strong enough to get through it, all 15 and a half stone of me lol.

  26. suzy sadler (poozie) said

    At least this has happened while you are still in, it would have been even worse if it had happened when you had a few days at home, or on Christmas day. I hope they sort you out soon as they can. This christmas will be memorable no matter where you spend it.

  27. Rheya said

    😦 That sucks! And sorry you felt rubbish today.
    At least you didn’t get sent home and have to go back to hospital again, I imagine that would have felt worse. Chin up, from what a gather you are doing amazingly and it’s great they have already been talking about sending you home. I know that doesn’t help, still being stuck in hospital and all but try to look at the, maybe not bright but, less grey side :s?
    In the mean time here is a very bad joke to hopefully make you smile (laugh would be pushing it lol)

    How do you know if a blonde has been using a computer?
    There’s Tipex on the screen!

    Hope you had fun with Suzanne today.
    Lot’s of love and be sending more bad jokes soon 🙂 x

  28. kevnles said

    night night honey, always thinking of you, love u heaps, kevnles

  29. Spiderboots said

    😦 really sorry to read that you have to stay in a bit longer, what a bugger! Sending HUGE HUGS x

  30. Bruce & Elaine said

    We’re gutted.

    But it’s OK, because you’re still a legend, and we love you Oli Lewington. Now get better, fool.

    Big love, big hugs.

    Humongous, in fact.


  31. Rose said

    So sorry to hear this news. You must be gutted. I was so excited for you all.

    I know there’s not much I can say but I am thinking of you all xxx

  32. Mike and Sue said

    Oli and Kati, We cant say just how sorry we both are to hear this news, you must all be so very disappointed but just look how far you have come and there will be lots more Christmass to celebrate even if this one doesnt work out as planned. It will be one huge celebration when Oli is finally discharged.

    Love and prayers as ever xxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Audrey Eade said

    Boo! I was so excited for you both but don’t lose hope that Oli will be home for Christmas – you know what a difference a day can make. I really hope that he recovers quickly, we are all rooting for him.

    Chin up, Oli. I know it’s rubbish but best to go home when your body is good and ready. HUGE hugs to you both xxx

  34. shelley nunan said

    BIG MENDY HUGGY HUGS , *HUG* *HUG* *HUG* , Hope you are fixed again soon Oli . x x x

  35. caroline said

    Don’t worry you WILL get there….just dig deep, so many people with you all the way. x

  36. So so sorry to hear that Oli is feeling so bad, I really hope that the Drs can make him feel much better very soon, and just remember that he’s come such a long way in such a short time, and this is just a temporary hurdle. My fingers are tightly crossed that Oli will make it home for Christmas, but if he doesnt, I’m sure you and Oli’s family will do your utmost to make Oli’s Christmas as great as you can.

    Lots of hugs,

    Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

  37. Anna said

    Dearset Oli, I’ve been thinking of you so much today. Am really praying for you that you get over this hurdle quickly. Sending Much, much love from Anna and Warren x x x xx x x

  38. Jean Hunter said

    Oli – So sorry to hear the latest news – that really is a blow. Anyway I know you will be determined to get home, you’ll just have to have a belated Christmas celebration in January, in fact, when you get home your whole life will be one BIG CELEBRATION!!! Keep your chin up – we are all thinking of you – you’ll get there. Lots of love Jean xx

    Christopher sends his love, he thought he’d sent you a message earlier today whilst I was at work, but we can’t find it xxxxx

  39. Frizzymum said

    Hi Oli – just another quick post to let you know that I’m thinking about you tonight (is it just me, or did that sound a bit pervy?!) Anyway – hope those docs are still on top of things and SuperOli is bashing any bugs into oblivion. Much love. Xx

  40. Christina said

    Feel gutted for you, Oli has come so far this is just a little setback he is superman after all he can and will overcome this im sure of it! Best wishes to you all. xxx

  41. suzie said

    Lorra love from us scousers tonight Oli….C’mon mate you can do it.

  42. Aimee and mum said

    sending you big hug cos you must be really disappointed, its always rotten to feel ill, but especially hard at the festive season, Aimee has spent every christmas except her first in hospital, she is now 11 (hopefully this year is at home thanks to Dnase! and the colomycin) Anyway, we have dealt with it by having the belief that there is a 25th in every month…and no one is that bothered about those ones!yes, as Christians Christmas is special to us for the right reasons, one of them being the celebration of the new life, so whatever the date Oli your whole life is a cause to celebrate. Sending hugs to your family and K too, they must be dissapointed too to have had hopes built up and then the big day delayed… but honestly mate it is sooooo cold outside you probably best off in the warm… and when the Drs have sorted whatever has laid you low then you will be better placed to leave, its better to go home well enough to stay there than to go home only to have to be rushed back in again, that is in a way worse because its a roller coaster. And in the big scheme of it all it really is early days for you, after all it takes longer for chickenpox spots to go!! so keep smiling, keep fighting and above all remember that there are so many people who care about you so much and are willing you on. will say extra prayers for you tonight xx

  43. stay smiling Oli, you’l be home soon! sending lots of hugs your way. xx

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