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Childish as I am…

Posted by Oli on Tuesday 18th December, 2007

2 sleeps to go!


11 Responses to “Childish as I am…”

  1. Jo said

    YAY fantastic that your going to be going home i’m so proud of how well you’ve done. you truly are a inspritation to others have a wonderful christmas lot’s of love from Jo xx

  2. Nelly said

    Yippeeeeeeee great to hear that you’re going to be home so soon!!!!! Hugss

  3. shelley nunan said

    can u email me the new address to send this xmas card to please – i’m glad i forgot to post it now!

  4. shelley nunan said

    erm i think i forgot to add- yay!

  5. Anna & Simon Mackaness said

    Dear Oli,
    Simon and I are so thrilled to read from your Christmas card, that you’ve HAD IT AND YOU’RE COMING HOME!
    Well done!
    I’m such a wus. I’m wetting the backs of my hands with tears, tears of joy, I hasten to add.
    I’m so thrilled, delighted, for you, for Tim, for your parents. I’m really, really happy for you that this time has come and it’s all yours…..the world is pretty much your oyster now, Oli!
    Tremendous news…mind blowing news.
    Please do thank your parents for keeping us informed. I’d love to see you all again in the new year.
    Ask Mum to call me once her feet have …well, once her feet eventually touch the ground.
    Love and best wishes to you, Oli. We’re rooting for you during your recovery.
    Anna and Simon Mackaness.
    P.S. What a great website.

  6. Emmie said

    YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Sooo pleased for you both! Unfortunately I have posted your Xmas card to Harefield and you may not get it now, but what a great reason to miss out on a card eh?!!! xxxx

  7. Audrey Eade said

    It’s not childish at all – and hopefully you are asleep already so it’s only one !!

  8. Emily said



  9. Bruce said

    Four words. And a truly brilliant blog.




    Soooooooooo glad that Oli will be home for Christmas!!!!!!

    You must be soo excited!

    Hugs for not getting in, but what fab news to counteract it!

    Merry Christmas to you both!!

    Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

  11. Jean Hunter said

    Oli – Good morning – I wanted to send you a message just to wish you well today – this could be one of your last messages you receive in hospital!!!!!! How FANTASTIC. Lots of love and kisses, Jean xx. You know all I keep doing is smiling and feeling very, very happy – I still can’t believe the last 3 weeks events – Oli you deserve it, you are such a GREAT guy. Bye for now I’m off to work. J

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