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Top of the world!

Posted by Oli on Monday 17th December, 2007

Oli’s coming home on Thursday!!!!!  small print – as long as nothing bad happens in between now and then.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  I’m so excited, it’s going to be so wonderful to have him home and be able to chill out on our sofa and watch movies and drink tea!

Yesterday we had another great day together, my parents took me over to see him and the four of us went for a cup of tea in the League of Friends pavillion.  It was lovely and so normal just to be sitting and chatting together.  My parents then left and I stayed behind with Oli for the rest of the day.  Oli’s parents visited and then two of our bestest buddies came to see him and to take me home in the evening.  Throughout the day I just kept looking at Oli and seeing how happy he looked and how healthy.  We went to the canteen with the guys in the evening and it was almost normal to be sitting, having a giggle and a cuppa (only almost normal because a hospital canteen is never quite venue of choice to go with friends).

For the past few days Oli has had to put up with hearing nurses and doctors commenting on how he should be ready to go home soon, today they’ve finally agreed that Thursday is the day, hooray!

I can’t wait to have him home, it’ll be great to have him here as our nieces and nephews get excited as Christmas draws nearer.  We can share in the excitement for the first time in ages and Oli doesn’t have to worry so much about measuring his energy reserves or being scared that it might be his last.

I got a letter from UCL today, unfortunately I didn’t get in.  I’m a bit gutted but in the grand scheme of things we already have so much to be thankful for, I’m not going to waste time or energy feeling sorry for myself.  Nothing can ruin how happy I am that Oli is coming home x


26 Responses to “Top of the world!”

  1. Fi said


    Oli you rock muchly

    Enjoy your new life

    My Oli is currently doing a jig around the lounge at your news!

    Much love to you


  2. Jax said

    That’s fantastic news. I’m so pleased Oli got his new lungs in time to enjoy Christmas. Sorry, K didn’t get in to UCL.

    Jax xx

  3. Christina said

    Im dissapointed for you with regards to uni, try again next year dont give up!
    Great news about Oli going home Thursday! Best Christmas present ever!
    Best Wishes to you all. xxx

  4. Nick and Mel said

    This is the best news.
    Oli you are doing great buddy and we can’t wait to spend some of our Christmas with you and Kati.
    Make sure you call us as soon as you are home so we can bring all the stodge food round for you to chill with. Remember like many others you can rely on us to help when ever you need it
    Lots of love and very soon real hugs
    Nick and Mel

  5. Emmie said

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is the best news ever!!! :o) I’m so happy for you both K, what a wonderful dream come true. Gutted for you not to have got into UCL though – they’ve lost out on a truly special person. Sending you a massive hug xxxx

  6. Frizzymum said

    What a fantastic Christmas present! Fingers crossed for Thursday then. And while you’re doing the turkey, you can stuff UCL too…the idiots don’t know what they’re missing. Xx

  7. Audrey Eade said

    Awww, that’s great news. Oli is going to just love being home – it is an amazing feeling to get home after a massive operation, and it’s so much more special because it’s Christmas.
    I do hope you have him lined up for the cooking, the washing up and a few games. There’s no excuse to shy away from a bit of hard work now, Oli (like he ever did) 😉

    Sorry about Uni, K but your attitude is absolutely right.

    sending you both lots of love xx

  8. emma said

    oh oli I have been reading these updates everyday, you are a xmas miracle…sooooo fantastic that are on the home straight and coming home you must be over the moon, now you can get back and cosy up and watch trashy xmas movies…I cant wait to see you, I bet you cant wait to sleep in your own bed!! sooo overjoyed from your progress really are a fighter aint ya!! hee hee

    heaps of love and I will be coming for that big hug very soon

  9. Aimee said

    fantastic news that you are coming home in time for christmas Oli, dont go over doing it just relax and enjoy every second. K, sorry you didnt get into ucl, but I really believe that you didnt get in because there is something better in store for you which couldnt have happened if you had got a place. x

  10. Rose said

    I was lucky enough to visit Oli today and it was really wonderful – he looks fantastic and was so pleased with the news that he can go home on Thursday.

    You are all going to have such a fabulous Christmas together!

    Much love xxx

  11. Alison said

    Wow! Uni can wait – new lungs can’t

  12. Emily's Uncle Grunc said

    Hi Oli, we have been keeping tabs via Emily.

    Fantastic news about your op and recovery – we are all really delighted for you.

    Here’s to a very happy life! . . . Shall we come back and get that O2 machine, guess you wont need that?!! 🙂

  13. Katie H said

    Wow, what fantastic news to read. I’m so happy for you both, what a Christmas this will be! K, I’m so sorry for you that you didn’t get the news you wanted from UCL, thankfully there’s loads of positive stuff for you to focus on now instead, but I do hope you get what you want, perhaps next year. Another big yay for the going home news!

  14. Ben said

    hey oli, what great news! more operation and scene it are definitely in the offing.

    k, whatever you do, you’ll do it magnificently. that I am sure.

    love to you both


  15. Lizzie83 said

    Hiya Oli!
    So pleased to hear you are getting out of hospital on thursday!! Such exciting news! I’m sure you will have a bloody brilliant Christmas with so much to look forward. So happy for you 🙂
    Lizzie xxxx

  16. elaine said

    this is the best thing EVER!
    crikey i haven’t shouted so loud in a long time as when i read that…go oli go!! 😀

    my conversation with bruce just went something like this
    Elaine: says:
    Bruce says:
    Elaine: says:
    Elaine: says:
    Elaine: says:
    Elaine: says:
    Bruce says:
    Bruce says:
    Elaine: says:

    we’re very excitable, and i do believe you made both our days!


  17. elaine said

    oh, and my mum said “brilliant brilliant brilliant, well done oli!”

    i’ve never got three brilliants out of her ever…
    so not fair…
    but you deserve them, so i’ll let you off

  18. lynn said

    That is such terrific news!! You must be so pleased. What a Xmas it will be for you and your family this year.

    I hope you have a brilliant time! You can always try for Uni next year Kati.

    Happy Happy Xmas to both of you
    x x x

  19. Kate said


    That’s the most wonderful news!
    Have a fantasic christmas. You all deserve it so much!

    Kate x

  20. Woah.. go Oli. Have a wonderful time at home for Christmas, you deserved it!! can’t wait to see you back on the boards. Much love superman, Ssm xx

  21. Jac said

    What fantastic news! I know there is still a long way to go, but this is a wonderful step forwards, and just in time for Christmas! I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas together..
    Jac x

  22. caroline agutter said

    Have not read this blog for a little while and opened it with a little trepidation to find the Headline – Oli coming home – Had to shed a little tear. Such an inspiration for all CF families. Enjoy every moment of your new life.

  23. kevnles said

    Yaaaaaaaaaay, tears of happiness for a fantastic guy, have a fantastic xmas.
    Loads of love and hugs from us two in Cyprus,
    kev and Les

  24. Hayley said

    Hi Oli,
    This is fab news we are so happy for you all that you are well enough to hopefully be coming home.
    This is the best Christmas Pressie any of us could have wished for I can’t say how terrific that makes us feel.
    We are all routing for you that you continue to get better really really quickly and can’t wait to see you and meet Kati our prayers are with you all.
    Take care and keep going upwards and onwards.
    love David, Hayley and or course Robert XXXXX

  25. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli – it’s great news to hear, you must be so excited like me. This is going to be a very special Christmas for you. You are a real ‘Super Star’ and c ya in the New Yea!! Lost of Love Christopher xx

    PS K sorry about UCL but I believe things happen for a reason. Enjoy your life today, and have a go next year – that’s not a problem. I just feel so excited and elated about Oli. Take care, Love to everybody Jean. Can’t wait for my hugs! xx

  26. Jacqui said

    How exciting!

    Sending lots of of good wishes from Spain.

    Sorry to hear you didn´t get the news you were hoping for from UCL, hope another opportunity presents itself soon.

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