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Our Day Out

Posted by Oli on Saturday 15th December, 2007

Or lunch to be more precise.

It was awesome, so, so cool to get Oli out of the hospital grounds and back to normality.  It was unfortunate that it was a bitterly cold day but even that didn’t bother us today!  We went to a lovely pub, had lovely food, good conversation and generally a lovely time was had by all.  Oli is still frail but that is to be expected, even Superman needs time to build up strength from a life saving operation.

The last time we went out for a meal was my Dad’s 60th, almost a year ago.  Thinking back, that meal seemed harder for Oli to cope with than todays jaunt.  There are constantly so many things that are already improving his quality of life


14 Responses to “Our Day Out”

  1. Bruce said

    Fabulous to hear, have a good week =)


  2. Suze said

    Glad to hear you had a nice meal yesterday – we’re counting down to Wednesday! xxxx

  3. Audrey said

    What a difference a few days have made – I’ve been away and just got back.
    So lovely to hear you got to the pub, Oli. Hope you didn’t do too many slammers!
    Love to all of you xx

  4. Frizzymum said

    Hope you had a shoooooper time at the pub….cheers to you all. Xx

  5. sarah said


  6. Alison said

    Raised a glass you as instructed!

  7. Audrey said

    Hi Oli – just came on to wish you a good nights kip. I hope this coming weeks sees continued improvement and strength.
    Off to bed early myself – spent the weekend on the QE2 which wasn’t as glamouous as it sounds. There was absolutely nothing to entertain a 4 year old so the days were rather long. It was nice that the nursery opened for play at his bedtime though! We’re all shattered 🙂

  8. Pebble said

    Hey Oli – it’s been a few weeks since I checked out your blog, and I haven’t looked at the trust forums for a while either, so I’ve only just stumbled onto the fact that YOU HAVE LUNGS. Colour me simultaneously terrified, freaked out and massively, overwhelmingly, tinglingly thrilled. I barely know you really, but in a year full of the usual ghastliness for everyone, it’s one thing I’ve been holding out for.

    It’s too late to wish you luck or hope or blessings for the op, but by the sounds of it things seem to have gone swimmingly anyway. So instead I’m raising a glass to all the things you’re going to do with the brilliant outcome of all that luck and hope – which, quite frankly, I just know are going to be fantastic.

    Oh, and have a great christmas, while you’re at it. You all deserve it.

  9. Guy Jones said

    A momentous occasion! Great to hear you had a good time out for lunch and also to realise that it’s almost a year since you’ve done anything like that. It’s such a pleasure to read the blogs now and read that all is going so well. I’m sure things are still hard work for you at the moment, and you were probably knackered afterwards, but looking forward to you getting up to full strength, then there will be no stopping you!!!!!

    Keep up the good work and the good spirits

    Lots of love

    Guy x

  10. elaine said

    and toast you with doctor pepper we did 🙂

  11. Nelly said

    Just wanted to drop in quickly Oli.. don’t really have anything today.. well apart from the fact that I am one pleased, honoured and pleasantly surprised young person – its those special little moments that I treasure!! I had a new friend of mine (also disabled, but living in USA, only met him recently online) tell me that I brighten up his day 🙂


  12. Claire said

    Hey Oli – just wanted to let you know that loads of people at Durham University you’ve never even met are with you every step of the way. You’re a true inspiration to us all! x

  13. Jean Hunter said

    Hi Oli, Christopher has got me to send you a message since his life has been really hectic the last five days. Swimming galas, a football match and then on Sunday spent the day at Wintershall watching the Nativity Play. I can’t believe how already your daily life has changed, it’s just wonderful news and brings goose bumps all over!!! You really are a Superstar. By the way how did you enjoy your lunch out? You know one day I can see you and Christopher going out for a drink and putting the world to right!!! Anyway Oli, take really good care of yourself, you are in our prayers. Lots of Love Jean xxx

  14. Katie said

    So pleased to hear that you all had a good lunch, and more than that I guess – a glimpse of what your new life can be like. When’s the next outing?

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