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Interesting times

Posted by Oli on Friday 14th December, 2007

Oli has done so well again today.  He really blew me away when I went with him on another physio session on the stairs.  I was walking behind him and the physio as we went all the way up in one go and all the way down in one go, I was trying very hard not to get in the way and just observe so it wasn’t until the end that I asked him if he realised what he’s just done.  Not only had he gone up and down the stairs a lot more easily than he had yesterday, he’d also been chatting the entire time – he hadn’t even noticed!  It’s things like this that make me stop and realise just how much his life has changed already.  I would never have dared to speak to him while he was slowly going up or down stairs, one step at a time, as I knew he wouldn’t have had the breath to talk back.  Today he was chatting away and didn’t seem out of breath at all.  Wow.

This has led me on to a strange pattern of thinking today as we are entering the realms of activities that Oli either hasn’t done for a long time or has never done.  When we got there this morning Oli was a bit down.  He said he didn’t know why but he felt ‘off’ and was a little worried about it, even though all of his levels had been checked and had come back perfectly fine.  It was then that I had to remind him of all the activity he did yesterday, activity he hasn’t done for at least months, if not more.  His body, apart from recovering from a huge operation, simply isn’t used to this level of activity.

I don’t know but I don’t think Oli has ever had a stitch from running, or had achy legs or sore feet.  It has crossed my mind that when Oli experiences these for the first time, particularly the running stitch, he could possible think something major is wrong and start to panic.

We have all spent so much time thinking about the great things Oli can do with his life now, we had overlooked the little, more unpleasant things he will inevitably discover.  I’ve also been thinking that Oli hasn’t had a 35/40 hour week, ever.  He’s going to find out that it’s tiring and not always that much fun.

This post is not meant to sound negative in any way, it’s just that for the first time tonight I’ve realised how little experience Oli has of the regular world.  He’s going to go on and do great things and experience things he never thought he would.  Along the way however, he’s going to go through some very hard times.  He will come out the other side and the triumphs will be that much sweeter because of it.

We have a long way to go and this year will be very hard but also very rewarding.  I think that the relationships he has with close friends and family will need to be very strong to come out the other side but if they survive, they will be that much stronger for having come through it.

That’s all got a bit deeper than I meant it too, oops!

Oli has also been moved to a different room now, he is no longer highly dependant and so is one step closer to home (hopefully!).  Oli’s Mum, Dad, Oli and I are all looking forward to a wonderful celebratory lunch tomorrow, I have to admit I am so excited, I might burst!  If you have a drink tomorrow, or even a cup of tea, celebrate with us and raise your glass to Oli as it is his first trip out since the transplant.  He is one awesome guy.


13 Responses to “Interesting times”

  1. Emmie said

    Lovely post to read Kati and I will indeed think of you all tomorrow. If Oli is like any of the other post-tx people I know, I reckon he will actually enjoy experiencing all the ‘normal’ daily difficult things like sore feet and being tired from working a long week. He will actually be pleased that he is feeling those things cos it will show him how very different life is and how far he has come. It must be really hard work for him being in hospital, on lots of drugs and trying to learn how to use his muscles and new lungs properly. I’m sure once he gets home he will really pick up and start feeling very positive…after all I don’t reckon anyone can feel happy in a hospital room!

    Oli – if your reading this, I’m just sending you a hello and a hug to see you through tonight. I’m so excited that you have been walking stairs whilst chatting and without even getting out of breath! once you have your muscles and strength back, life is just going to get better and better for you. You are fab! xxxxx

  2. lynn said

    I just want to say a big thank you. Your blog has really helped me. I am going to be assessed in Feb for a lung transplant, and I am obviously excited, but also very frightened. I can see how well you and others have done by having the gift of life, and it has helped me a great deal.

    Thank you Kati and Oli, wishing you both every happiness, when Oli gets home to start his new life!

    Lynn x x

  3. Guy Jones said

    Hey Oli! Great progress today again, keep it up superman! I hope you have a great day tomorrow, getting out for a while will do you the world of good I’m sure. Can’t wait to read all about it!

    As always, thanks Kati for bringing us the good news and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us all.

    Lots of love

    Guy xxx

  4. hi ya kati and oli, just wanted to say, well done, its going so well.
    if you wonder where to go tomorrow for something to eat, go to the coi carp, it is so nice there and the food is fantastic, shame its not warmer at the moment because you could sit by the river and watch the birds swan etc etc, anyway the steak and ale there is amazing and the linguini pasta is pretty good too. Or the pub near the harefield hospital is not bad as well, (the one near the small round about in the middle of harefield) cant remember what it is called.
    anyway have fun and take it easy, dont push too hard you will notice the next day lol, plenty of time to recover.
    Just think you can put ya socks on now easily without getting out of breath and eat without stopping to boost ya o2 levels lol, although i did have very low oxygen sat levels lol, used to carry on doing things with them as low as 60-75 lowest i ever got to was 57% lol whoops but i was walking fast and didn’t realise they were getting so low, didn’t have any o2 with me either lol, anyway sold my oximeter now and life is great again.
    best regards
    james and kim

  5. elaine said

    i told my mum that you were off out celebratory lunching on doctors orders and at first she went “excellent, i’ll drink to him on saturday” but, well, she drinks quite a lot..and i don’t really like it…so i hope you’ll forgive us for toasting you with dr pepper instead of the generally alcofrolic toast, but i’ve hidden all her wine. and i’m not allowed to drink anyway…in spite of being 18 and an adult……

    ANYWAY we shall be toasting you from the griffin-household 🙂

    my mum also went on a little rant about doctors sending people out in winter and “don’t they know there are germs everywhere?”

    but…you’d imagine being doctors that they would take that into account…

    i’m not really too sure where i’m going with this…

    i remembered, yes, have a wonderful time tomorrow 🙂

  6. Helen said


    Just wanted to say I hope you enjoy your first trip out since your transplant-and eat lots of yummy food in comparison to the hospital food!! 🙂

    Also it’s so good to read how well your doing now in comparison to before your tx. I’ve always read your blog just very rarely commented and I am so glad that the call came for you

  7. Emily said

    Just to completely back up what Emmie said – when I am exhausted from doing things like tidying the house or have sore feet from being up and about all day it just brings a smile to my face. It’s still a novelty nearly a year on. Yes I’m sure I’ll whinge like the rest of them at some point but things like sore feet will always stay a reminder of how I nearly didn’t get to experience these “normal” things. YAY for the room change! xx

  8. Rheya said

    I’ve been out of the loop for the past few days, it’s so great to catch up and find you just keep getting better and better. You are bringing smiles and happiness to so many people Oli! You truely are a superhero. I love reading Kati’s posts they’re just pouring with excitement and happiness 🙂
    I was so excited to hear you went out today! I hope you had an brilliant time and ate lots of yummy food :)! There’s so much cool film stuff I learnt at uni we will have to talk about. I can’t wait to see how great you must look now.
    Lol this post has turned into randomly strung together sentences! Sorry!
    I hope you had a great day, you earnt it (!) and I look forward to hearing more of kati’s exciting posts
    Lot of Love

  9. Nelly said

    Hiya Oli, me again!!! Awesome to hear how you did the stairs in one go while chatting even that!!! Thats something I too have not been able to experience due to kidney failure + bone disease so Congratulations!!!! Hope you enjoyed your pub lunch today and Cheers to you and wellsomeness (not sure if it was a word before but it sure is now!!)
    Hugs, Nelly

  10. Suze said

    Hope you had a lovely lunch out – were thinking of you while we had scrambled egg on toast in Gary’s Mum’s kitchen! Hope the adventure out didn’t tire you too much. Sweet Dreams. S&G xxx

  11. shelley nunan said

    Ollie I really want to hear that you are going home for christmas i think u need to give the doctors a proper talking too!

  12. lorraine and steven said

    Hey, so sorry to hear your feelin poorly – hope they can mend you soon and still think about maybe sending you home in time for Christmas. Kati’s updates are always so full of positivity and excitement – she must really feel it when things change for you but her energy and love will see you alright. Lots of love to you both and to all the Lewingtons and ‘associated members of the family’!! xxx L&S

  13. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli that is really bad news to hear i hope you will get better soon love you lots

    Christopher XXXXXXX

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