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Doctor’s Orders

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 12th December, 2007

Speechless is completely how I feel at the moment.  You are all the most amazing bunch of people and the messages you’ve sent Oli have been so wonderful and heart-warming.  These messages are so important for encouraging him and letting him know just how many people are sending love and prayers his way.

Today has been another fantastic day.  Oli has been introduced to the Little Blue Book (he’s assured me the little black book was thrown away a long time ago).  The LBB holds all the dosage detail of his medications which allows him to be in charge of what he is due and when.  This is a very important step for him as it is part of a checklist of things that he needs to be able to do before he is allowed home.  As a CF patient, Oli has been used to self-medicating for years, however, this is a whole new area for him.  Oli has to learn about the drugs he takes and needs to remember to take them at the right times and in the right dosages.  It won’t take him long as he is used to taking regular medication but the list of drugs is HUGE so he’ll need to be a memory man for a while until it becomes second nature.

Another awesome step forward came within the Doctor’s orders, Oli has been told to go out for a pub lunch on Saturday! Even as I write I am grinning stupidly from ear to ear!  It’s so odd to think how quick these things are moving.  It has been three weeks since the transplant and in so many ways it feels like longer as we’ve been through massive highs and despairing lows.  It’s so amazing to think that this gift has changed our lives so quickly and so wonderfully.  Oli is doing so well and is making great progress, almost hourly it seems!  If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing on to the organ donor register at  If you have signed up, please talk to at least one person tomorrow about Oli’s miracle, Emily’s miracle (, Peter’s miracle ( , James’ miracle ( and the other miracles that are waiting to happen.  Encourage them to think about signing up, too.

You are amazing, hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as we are x


16 Responses to “Doctor’s Orders”

  1. Fiona said

    Hey Oli, you dont know me but I have been following your story and I just wanted to let you know that I think you are an absolute inspiration, and you have acheived so much so dont let the little things get you down. Sending you all my positive energy, Fi xo

  2. Guy Jones said

    Hi Oli and Kati,

    just read the latest and I too am grinning from ear to ear!! Not only does this blog mention steps towards going home, but also that you are going out for lunch on Saturday!!!! Over the moon to hear all that.

    It makes me so happy to think of all the things you are going to be able to do and I just can’t imagine how that must feel for you. Hope that you can fill your time that you have on your own thinking of all of those things and don’t get too frustrated as you will be doing them soon.

    Lots of love


  3. Spiderboots said

    Hey Oli,
    been reading your blog almost daily just hoping and hoping you would get your call then I got taken in hospital for two weeks and missed the big event! Was a great thing to read when I finally got back online and I think the neighbours heard me go YEY!. Am so happy for you and your loved ones. Hope you get home soon 😀

  4. Malcolm Woodman said

    Hello Oli – Probably you won’t remember me, but your mum and dad will explain who I am. Have been following your progress via Malcolm and Pauline’s Blog and we ( the West Cumbrian contingent of the family)are all delighted at your progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as always.

    Love and Best Wishes

    Malcolm W

  5. elaine said

    brillinat brilliant brilliant 🙂
    i check this blog every day for updates…but especially when i’m in a bum of a mood, because generally it cheers me up, a lot, unless it’s not such a happy blog..but recently it’s been all uphill and it’s just amazing!

    so, what i say is keep getting better! because not only is it fantastically amazingly wonderful in general, but it cheers up lots of people as well 🙂

    going out for lunch already? you’ll be launching yourself back into the theatres of the world in no time…question is…are they ready for you?

    my mum keeps asking after you as well, as do several of my friends now because i tend to talk a you may have noticed.. you don’t know them…but they all send you the best
    you’re quite the news story!
    lots of love!

  6. Nick and Mel said

    What can we say, this is so amazing but you are going to have to be careful Oli. Now we know you can go out to lunch we are all going to be asking you to come out to lunch with us readers and you may end up the size of two buses like your brother in laws Dick and Nob!!
    You amaze us mate we are so proud to know you
    Love Nick and Mel x

  7. Richard B said

    Hi Oli,

    I’ve been reading your blog now for the best part of 18 months, but this is the first time I’ve left you a comment.

    I’m so pleased to hear that things are going so well – hey, even the Saints are quite good at the moment…!

    Stay good, and keep up the amazing work ! You are truely an inspiration ot myself and so many others

    Richard B (aka Mr Happy) x

  8. Jac said

    Hey Oli,
    So glad to be read that things are still going well. Lunch at the weekend sounds like an important mile stone – so many more exciting ones still to come! Keep smiling 🙂 xx

  9. Frizzymum said

    I like the sound of your doctor! If the pub meal is on doctor’s orders, does that mean you can get it on prescription?!

  10. Emily said

    Wooohooo! the blue book has been bestowed on you! Fab move forward Oli, they want you to start doing things yourself which means they are training you up…

    Pub lunch sounds awesome and I should think will do wonders for your spirit. Keep on going good sir, you rock! x

  11. kevnles said

    Hi Oli and K,
    excellent news, every night when kev comes in from work he always asks has there been any updates on Oli!.
    A scrummy pub meal, enjoy it, bet your smiles will be huge, so proud of you hun.
    love and hugs,

  12. Lizzie83 said

    Pub lunch! wooo. Go to a cavery if you can…nothing like making you feel alive than eating meat off a bone!!! oohh carnovoristic (i really hope your not a vegetarian hehe.) Enjoy the pub lunch! Sounds like such a good thing to be able to do 🙂 (i guess it’s not really the doctors orders to get pissed though hehe).
    Lizzie xxx

  13. Perdita said

    Hi Oli, I only know you from the boards/blog, but just wanted to say that I have been following your progress with a smile on my face. What an amazing person you are! Really hope your recovery continues at such a pace, and that you can dare to be home, say for Christmas?!! You’re doing great, keep it up! Perdita x

  14. Katie said

    Great news, hope you all have a fab lunch on Saturday, what a great step forwards for you. I agree with Frizzymum though, I’m sure that the NHS should be paying for it if it’s part of your recovery! Hope you get to grips with all the new meds soon. I didn’t reply to yesterday’s post, but just wanted to say that I hope that the nights start getting easier soon. Take care.

  15. sarah said

    oooo go to the coy carp! that was our harefield haunt for 2 years.

    blue book is fun. peter was filling in his last night ready for the next few days to tick off, and he is halfway through his book now. the list of drugs does slowly go down, Peter was on about 15 to start with, and is now under 10 (cant remember how many d’oh!), but i know there will be differences between the conditions. Peter doesnt have all the extra pills that CF paitents have, just transplant meds now, as before his was all for DCM.

    Good luck Oli, and I will see you up and about soon!

  16. Natasha Evans said

    Hello Oli.

    Hope your feeling better its great to hear that your up and around! I hope that you liked the card with the cocktail glass on I thought that it might perk you up a bit!!! And just think xmas is round the corner!

    Sleep tight

    Tasha x

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