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A message from your host

Posted by Oli on Friday 7th December, 2007

It’s Oli here. Hello! This won’t be long as it’s quite hard to type long things on my ‘berry and i’m still not up to much in the way of telephonic communication.

I really wanted to write to thank every single one of you for your wonderful prayers, thoughts, best wishes card, messasges and comments on the blog – all of which get emailed through to me on my phone.

I’m sorry i’m not replying or responding, but things are still pretty up and down and my hands are so shaky that texting is tricky. Kati’s update on the day will tell you much more, but things are improving greatly.

It means so much to get your messsages and read your words of support. I promise I’ll get round to a proper catch-up with everyone soon.

Take good care of yourselves cos i’m coming for hugs when I get out!


23 Responses to “A message from your host”

  1. rob said

    Oh my god!!!!!!! This has made our year – like everyone we sit avidly waiting for updates on you and you surprise us with this. You really are Superman!! It’s great to hear from you and we look forward to seeing you and leaving the babies at yours so we can go out!! Liz and Rob (and of course the rest of the clan!)

  2. Ben said

    Mega good to hear from you mate. Looking forward to seeing you as soon as poss. I bet your ‘berry is getting well used!


  3. Christina said

    Nice to hear from you Oli, iv been following your progress every day you are doing so well! Best wishes to you and all your family, x

  4. Jean Hunter said

    I thought I’d check the blog before going to bed and guess what it’s Oli himself updating the site – I was so surprised and so, so happy. Your really are a STAR. I can’t wait for my hug or hugs!! Lots of Love, Jean and the boys xxxx

  5. Emmie said

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! It’s……OLI!!!!! :o)

    SO great to hear from you buddy! Kati has been doing the most amazing job at keeping us all updated (such a star!) but to hear from new-lungs-Oli in person is SOOO exciting!!!

    Thinking of you loads and everyone asks about you all the time. Loads of love! xxxxxxx

  6. Nick and Mel said

    Oli it is so good to read your words.We are so looking forward to seeing you when we are allowed.
    We are counting down the days so we can take you and Kati out for dinner to celebrate. Take care
    Love Nick and Mel

  7. Rheya said

    :D!!!!! Heeeeyyy!!!
    This is sooo cool! So good to hear from you!
    I know I haven’t said much before now, but I’ve been following your blog and thinking of you loads. I’ve been home a couple of times and it’s rubbish not being able to drop in and see you, but it’s great knowing that the next time I do you’ll be a whole new Oli :).
    Keep up the super powers and I look forward to seeing you soon!
    Rhey xxx
    Ps. Your Amazing! πŸ™‚

  8. elaine said

    :O a post from the real live SUPER-OLI himself!
    excellent πŸ˜€
    keep getting better, okay? please? (they should probably have been the other way round…)

    i’ve been spreading the word about how amazingly you’re doing to all my friends who came to “see off cf” and they’ve started asking about you every day πŸ™‚

    lots of love and hugs and a game of splat for good measure!

  9. shelley nunan said

    how is it that i’ve only met you once but that when i read your blog i still end up either close to or actually in buckets of tears , I’m so pleased for you Oli I really am i can honestly say that coming from a donor family – reading your story only makes me more sure that we made the right choice when we lost my brother 16 months ago, love and best wishes to you xxxxx Shelley

  10. Bruce said

    *in reaction to Elaine*


    Ahaha, too slow – you may be recovering from an op, but that’s no excuse for losing Splat.

    (On second thoughts, I can actually imagine you ducking when you read that. Oh, we love you.)

    Do you know – this horrible soulless Activ8 don’t even know what Splat is any more?!

    Splat obsession over…yay for a real live Oli – love, more love, as much love as needed.


  11. Alice said

    What a brilliant surprise! Oli it’s amazing to hear from you after all the blogs, thank you so much for taking the time to write that! Just so so proud of you, think you are doing incredibly well and we’re all just amazed by your progress!

    Cannot wait to come and see you! We’re going away next week til early Jan but will be logging on all the time and keeping updated!

    Just want yuu to know Katie and I love you loads and are so incredibly proud to have such a superhero for a friend – but we always knew you were one anyway, your secret identity was only good in plays!

    Speak soon lovely xx

  12. Audrey said

    Aw Oli, so lovely to see a message from you. Really pleased to hear you are more or less wireless now.
    I feel a very happy Christmas coming on for you and your family. Can’t wait to see some piccies of you looking well xx

  13. Linda & Ian Rowe said

    Hurrah for Oli. How lovely to hear from YOU. What a wonderful surprise. There will be lots and lots of people out here lining up for the victory hug. Get practising!x x x x

  14. sandy said

    Its great to actually hear from you in person Oli! Im so glad you have got your new lungs and its great to hear how well you are doing! Keep working hard and Im sure you will be out of there in no time! Go Oli! x

  15. Sue, Chris and Matthew said

    After yesterday’s news from Kate now this! I’ve gone all emotional again! We’ve been logging on every day since we found out about your (and Kate’s) fantastic blog and we are so happy that things are continuing to go well and that you are making such fantastic progress. Keep up the good work all of you; we are thinking of you loads and will be in the queue for a hug when you come to Willen!

    Love to you all xxx

  16. suzie said

    I couldn’t beleive it when I saw a post from you yourself in person….we’re well made up here chuck. Keep doing what you’re doing woohooooo.

    Much love from all in Chester.

  17. sarah said



    catch you tuesday maybe!


  18. Guy said

    Hey Oli!! I had to find Kati on Facebook to send her a message ‘cos I hadn’t realised you could put comments on here and you both would see them! Doh! Anyway’s won’t fill up your ‘berry, just lots of love and see you soon Mr Amazing x

  19. Lizzie83 said

    yay yay yay!! So great to hear from you Mr Oli! Look forward to you posting on the boards once again too πŸ™‚ Thinking of you. πŸ™‚
    Lizzie xxxx

  20. Mike and Sue said

    We are checking your blog Oli regularly from down under in NZ and cant tell you what joy we felt to read your own stuff this morning, it is just wonderful to hear how much progress you are making now.

    Lots of love and God bless

    Sue and Mike xxx

  21. lorraine and steven said

    message dictated by Pat clark but typed by Lorraine as she is computerless!!
    Paula radcliffe and Lewis Hamilton’s achievement are nothing compared to yours! every step for you feels like a triumph for all of us. Well done and lots of love Pat

  22. lorraine and steven said

    Oli Lewington has Hero status. Samuel had to say who his hero was for homework. He said Oli because you have been amazing – perhaps this will help spread the word tomorrow? What a feat climbing those stairs – you never cease to amaze us. Lots of love ‘The bowens’

  23. Oli,
    I can’t believe it!!! A- YOU WALKED UP A WHOLE FLIGHT OF STAIRS!! And B- I think I have finally worked out how to leave a message on this scary website thingy!! I must love you very much! You are so so amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about your pub lunch! Wow!!! I am thinking of coming to see you on Wednesday, let me know what you think and I’ll consult with your Mum.
    Keep going braveheart!!!
    Love Katie xxxxxxxxxx ps I really hope this works!!!

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