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Posted by Oli on Friday 30th November, 2007

Hi everyone,

While in theatre the surgeons discovered a hefty infection that they weren’t expecting to see.  They’ve managed to do what they can for now and had sorted out the leak so Oli can now be pumped full of nutrients and drugs to help his body win the massive fight that’s reared its head.

Oli has been taken back to ITU and has been put back on the ventilator and back to heavy sedation.  The good thing is that he won’t know any of this is happening.

This is a pretty scary time right now and things can change very quickly.  Not much is known about what is happening and so as soon as there are updates I will let you know.

Positives to take from this: The team have found it and got rid of a load of goo already, they are fighting it, Oli is being cared for by some of the top medics in this field, infections after transplant are not uncommon and so the team know what to do.

Nevertheless, prayers, good vibes anything is welcome.  As I said, let’s be thankful that Oli doesn’t know what’s happening now.

Much love x

Update 16.30 – Oli has been put on kidney dialysis, this should help him fight the infection.  The head doc is hoping Oli will be able to pull through.

1/12/07 10am – Heard from his parents, no change overnight, still stable.  Hoping to go and see him later.  Thanks for all of your kind messages, it’s really appreciated and it’s great to know so many people love him as much as we do.

7.30pm – Oli seems to be doing well, absolutely desperate to come off the ventilator, think they may take it off this evening if an x-ray shows good things.  The head doc dude came in on his day off today to do a broncoscopy (looking into the lungs with a little camera) with a view to suctioning up a load of goo that may still have been lurking in the lungs.  From what I can gather there was little to no goo there at all so he didn’t need to do much at all.  I think all of his infection markers might be heading in the right direction and they might have caught the infection at just the right time.  Hopefully this isn’t too much of a set back and I’m sure Oli will be back up to speed before too long.  Am off to see him tomorrow morning, more info then.


48 Responses to “URGENT UPDATE”

  1. Katie said

    Oh, so sorry to hear about this, my thoughts and prayers will be with you all today and over the weekend. Come on Oli, keep fighting. Katie

  2. Lizzie83 said

    Keep fighting Oli! Kick those nasty bacteria into shape! We’re all routing for you. Thinking of you 🙂
    Lizzie xxx

  3. Sinead said

    You don’t know me neither does Oli… but I have been through a transplant and know how hard it is….take care and remember even strangers are thinking of you…stay strong….

  4. Sinead said

    PS It is more than worth it eventually after tge initial ‘sorting out’

  5. Bev and Lucy Pearson said

    Thoughts and prayers winging their way to you all. Come on Oli, you can do it Superman.

    Bev and Lucy

  6. Linda Rowe said

    All love Oli.
    Thank you very much K.
    Thank you Sinead.

  7. Emily said

    keep on fighting Oli, I know you can do this….


  8. Alice said

    Oli, keep strong! Keep fighting!
    All my thoughts are with you all,sending you all my love and support Oli! We’re all fighting with you in spirit!
    A xx

  9. SamT(cf) said

    Keep fighting Oli, thinking of you and a speedy recovery!

  10. Aimee said

    our prayers and thoughts are with you Oli, willing you through this and hoping it is just a short while until you are back to making the excellent progress that you were. keep fighting. lots of big hugs are with your family and K too.
    its funny, every night at rehearsal i can still see you running up the stairs like you did at drama group, get better soon so you can do that again xx

  11. Emmie said

    Keep fighting Oli, you can do this – please believe that. You are superman and we are all willing you on.

    For K and all the family – thinking of you so much during this very worrying time and sending you the biggest huge in the world xxxxx

  12. Pete said

    C’mon dude you can do this!

    Or are you just trying to out drama Emily before bounding back in your Superman way???

    Hang in and keep fighting.

    Sending lots of mendy thoughts Oli!

  13. Lisa said

    Thinking of Oli and wishing him back to the ward really soon. I spent 6 weeks in ITU after my transplant and the staff are the best. Oli is strong and positive and im sure he will fight this infection and get back onto the road of recovery.

    love Lisa xx

  14. Bruce said

    Peanuts to the super Oli Lewington, surely?

    Concerned but confident – he’ll be back to flying into burning buildings saving babies in no time.

    And thanks for all this, K, you don’t know me, but thank you for keeping us so updated.

    Big love.


  15. suzie said

    All behind you here Oli, sending much love and many many positive vibes to you for a swift recovery from this infection, you can do it chuck.

    Thanks for the update K, much love to you and all the family, saying BIG prayers to give you added strongness.


  16. Pauline said

    Keep fighting Oli – we know you can do it!
    love from Pauline and all at DFN

  17. Maggie said

    C’mon Oli, keep fighting, we are thinking of you at this difficult time. Sending lots of mendy, antibiotic, antiseptic thoughts to you tonite.
    Love and strength to all the family at such a worrying time,and thanx for updating us all.
    Luv Maggie, Archie and Chris xxx

  18. Pauline said

    Oli – This may feel like a really hard fight, but you can do it! Have been through all of this too. It’s extremely scary, but you’ll soon look back and wonder what all this fuss was about. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and your family.

    Pauline xxx

  19. Jayne said

    Thinking of you too Oli.

    Lots of love

    Jayne xxx

  20. Kirri said

    Thinking & Praying for you tonnes Oli.
    I know you can do it. You’re an inspiration and I’ve been telling all my friends & family about how you are getting on, so they’re praying for you too.
    Huge thanks to K too, for doing such a great job of keeping us up to date on Oli’s progress.

    Kirri xxx

  21. Audrey said

    Thinking of you all, and praying for good news soon.


  22. Suze & Gary said

    As always, our thoughts are with you all and all our love. Stay strong xxxxx

  23. Amanda From Sydney said

    Sending prayers and good thoughts from the other side of the world. Keep on fighting oli.

    Amanda From Sydney Australia.

  24. elaine said

    just keep fighting it oli, thinking of you, and k (even though you don’t know me…thanks for the updates) xxx

  25. Frizzymum said

    Hi K – sorry that you, Oli and his folks are having to go through this additional worry, but it sounds as though they caught it early and will hopefully give Oli all the help he needs to beat it and get back on that exercise bike soon! Positive vibes and cyber hugs are flooding your way from the East.

  26. Linda & Ian Rowe said

    Come on SuperOli. Like the little train chugging uphill, we know you can. We are all here, mentally pushing you along.
    So good to hear comments from so many people who have been through it and are so supportive and positive
    Thanks for this morning’s update K.

  27. Teresa Jones said

    Lots of Love to you Oli. You are in my thoughts xx

  28. sarah said

    keep fighjting oli. you can do this. dont try and outdrama emily 😉 just keep fighting the infection and get back on the ward soon.

    take care, and will keep checking up on you to see how the new superman is doing.

  29. Christina said

    Sending positive thoughts your way Oli, keep fighting!
    Best wishes to you and all your family. xx

  30. Rose said

    Keep fighting Oli. You are all in my thoughts.

    Much love

    Rose xx

  31. sandy said

    Keep up the hard work Oli….. You can get through this! Thankyou for keeping us updated K… Stay strong, Im sure Oli will come out the other end strong and well… Proving he is superman… x x

  32. Pops said

    Poo, worry not though, it’ll be fine. I’m singing in a big band gig in Durham tonight, may have to dedicate something to you – Santa Baby perhaps?? Or aretha Franklin’s RESPECT. Posibly more fitting!

    Big hugs to you all, need anything, call me, I’m good at over the phone hugs! xxxxxxx

  33. Lynn said

    I am sure with your courage Oli you will get through this. If anyone can then you can. I have heard so much about your courage. I wish you and your family all the best!

  34. Linda & Ian Rowe said

    7.30 looking good. Thank you.

  35. Bev and Lucy Pearson said

    Thanks for the update K, I have been sending lots of prayers and vibes Oli’s way today.

    Hoping so much that he gets back off the vent tonight and that the infection markers come down very quickly.


    Bev xx

  36. Alice & Joe said

    Great work so far lovely Oli, keep it up, we’re all thinking of you, willing you better!

    A x

  37. Paul Smth said

    Sorry to learn of the setback today. You are in our thoughts and prayers at Willen Church.

  38. Emmie said

    YAY! Great to read tonight’s update and to know that things are looking a little more stable. Keep it up Oli, you’re doing great :o)

    Thanks so much K for all your updates, it has really helped us all to know what is going on. Look after yourself too, you’re very special to Oli and I know he’d want us to remind you of it xxxxxx

  39. Emily said

    Fantastic news this evening K, he’s moving in the right direction, let’s all cross our fingers it stays that way! go Oli go! 😀 xx

  40. Another smack of love from us, Mr Lewington.


  41. Alison said

    You don’t know me but positive vibes and prayers are being sent your way – that sounds rather cultish, rest assured i am just an ordinary Jane

  42. suzie said

    Good to hear things are moving in the right direction, sending much positiveness and BIG prayers to you Oli to keep it that way. C’mon mate keep truckin.

    As always thanks for the update K. xxx

  43. Jean Hunter said

    Oli you are such a fantastic person and a real Hero, you can do this. We are all thinking of you and praying for you. Keep fighting and I guess one day you’ll give the boys a game of football!! Thanks to K for all the updates and love to the family. Christopher sends you a really, really big hug. Lots of love Jean xxxxxx

  44. Audrey said

    🙂 Very relieved to hear the update, keep it up Oli.

    x x x

  45. Liz Upton said

    Extremely glad to read the latest update. Lots of love to you Oli, and keep fighting.

    Liz x

  46. Ann and Barry said

    Thinking of you and thinking positive. Love to you, mum, dad and tim. George and Frances also send their love.

    Ann and Barry

  47. Ben said

    Thinking about you mate, just keep working at it!


  48. lorraine and steven said

    Dear Oli

    So pleased that things are going so well – what achievements with the walking and exercise – you’re a star! Hope the interview for UCL comes up trumps – thank you so much for your updates – we really appreciate hearing all the news and we hope you are not overdoing it?! Love from us and Pat clark sends her love and best wishes too – I ring her with updates as she is not computer connected. Lorraine xxx

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