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Steady Progress

Posted by Oli on Tuesday 27th November, 2007

Oli’s progressing steadily now.  Physically it seems like everyday another tube/drain/wire is removed (I strangely now have an image of ker-plunk! – forgive me, I am very tired).  Even his catheter has been removed today, which although meant a big ouch, also means that the team are happy with his fluid outout and also means that he will have to physically exert himself a little everytime he needs to pee (sorry, too much information).

Mentally, he is taking things hard.  A lot of it due to the remaining tubes still pumping in various drug cocktails.  Anxiety is a big issue right now but the nurses are fantastic with him and have clearly seen all of this behaviour many times before.  Alongside the anxiety are confusion and disorientation, both of these add to the anxiety.

It is still very important to remember that it is early days, as I am writing this, Oli was just about to head into theatre this time last week.  Oli is progressing very well and hitting all targets that the team look for and is certainly not taking any steps back.  Physically, Oli is nigh on exactly where he ‘should be’ (a term used very loosely as recovery is a very individual thing and can’t really be generalised).  However, he is still very scared that something might go wrong. 

The support you have all given Oli so far has been phenomenal.  Please don’t stop your prayers and good wishes for Oli as he needs them just as much now as he did a week ago. 

Please also remember the donor’s family as I can imagine they are still very much mourning the loss of a loved one in the time when a lot of people are in high spirits for the approaching Christmas. I’m sure they’re not feeling too Christmassy right now and could do with lots of love heading their way.

Lots of love from me x


15 Responses to “Steady Progress”

  1. Debbie (Aka Dubeerie) said

    HI K,

    Thanks for the update at a time when I am sure that you are just exhausted yourself.

    I will be saying my nightly prayers as I always do for all of you including the donor family.

    It is still a thought that can bring tears to my eyes (of joy though) that Oli has finally received his new breathers.

    Take care of yourself and look forward to the next update

  2. Emily said

    you’re such a sweetie thinking of the family that have given Oli this amazing gift….

    As you say – physically he is flying, mentally it is just very hard and pretty scary at this stage. Each day you will see a little progress (even if he can’t see it yet himself) and you won’t recognise where you are in a week or two!

    Much love as always xx

  3. Suzi Houghton said


    My name is Suzi and I used to work with Oli at the theatre, regrettably we lost touch until we had a brief chat on facebook a few weeks back.

    I found out last night about Oli’s transplant, whilst shopping in Tesco of all places!! I walked round afterwards in a daze, with a tear in my eye as I can only imagine how much this means to Oli and his family. I rushed home to log onto this website and have read it all in a blur of tears. Even though I have not seen Oli for a few years, he was always in my thoughts.

    Oli is such an inspiration and I truely belive that this blog will help so many people in his position. You are doing a great job K keeping everyone informed. I’m sure you are so tired, both physically and emotionally. I know Oli is going through the biggest thing in his life – but you guys are too. Sometimes you can feel so helpless, but your presence is more than enough.

    Please tell Oli to keep strong, as I am sure he already is. I will be sending a card so he knows I am thinking of him. I have never prayed for anything, but last night I put my beliefs to one side and made sure that the greater good knew what he should be doing!!

    Lots of love x

  4. Alison said

    Hi, I “got to know you” through Emily’s blog and enjoy reading your honest, articulate posts. I am thrilled that you have got your chance and wish you well. Special thoughts to the donor and all those who are suffering a loss right now.

    PS Although I am old enough to be your mother I also think you are rather gorgeous!!!

  5. Alice said

    I’m sure trust is one of the hardest and bravest things to achieve, let alone for new breathers! Joe and I are thinking about you all every day, sending you positive thoughts and loads of love xx

  6. Linda Rowe said

    Thank you again for the updates. Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers. Oli’s good progress will mean a lot to all involved.
    Will the anxiety and confusion melt away as the drugs that seem to be the cause are withdrawn, or are Oli’s body and brain having to learn to get used to them?
    Send the lovely Oli a big smacker from me, he really is champion! Tell him that we are all with him in spirit, constantly checking for updates and continually sending lots of love and strong healing wishes.
    Linda & Ian

  7. Emma said

    Hi honey,

    You are doing a fab job keeping us all updated through the blog, I think we may have another writer in the family.

    Thinking of you all, this includes the donor family.

    Love to Oli & you from us all, you guys are amazing!!

    A, E, G & J
    X X X X

  8. Teresa Jones said

    Oli you are doing brilliantly and very much in our thoughts. Lots of Love

  9. sandy said

    so good to hear Oli is progressing nicely.. Thank you so much for the updates. Ican imagine this is all pretty exhausting emotionally and physically for you guys to…
    Keep up the good work Oli x x x

  10. suzie said

    Thanks for the update K, your positivity certainly does shine through your posts, that is such a plus for Oli. Its good to hear he’s hitting the targets physically and I’m sure with you and his family around he’ll be just fine with the mental side of it, it just takes time.

    Much love as always from all in Chester.

  11. sarah said

    Keep going Oli, remember its baby steps at this stage, and although people wil lbe saying how well you are doing, you wont belive them. But you are, honestly.

    I didnt pop my head round yesterday as i avoided transplant unit as feeling ‘not quite right’ and i know how careful you have to be in there.

    And thank you K, for your wonderful updates. its great hearing how well he is doing. 🙂

  12. Katie said

    K, thank you so much for the updates, it’s great to hear that things are going ‘to plan’, I hope Oli is starting to feel a bit better soon. I seem to remember Oli posting that your exams/finals were coming up just before his transplant, so I am thinking of you as well in what must be an exhausting time as well as a hugely positive and happy one. Thoughts are with you all, Katie

  13. Frizzymum said

    Big hugs Oli (being careful not to squish all the air out of those lovely new bellows)…and to K and folks.

    It’s still very early days and you are understandably tired and anxious, but in comparison with the time that you’ve waited, and the wonderful days that you now have to look forward to – these days are a mere blink of an eye.

    Thoughts and prayers to the family who made this possible…I wonder if they know what a wonderful young man they helped with their decision – and how much he means to us all.

    Sorry for the uncharacteristic slush…must be hormonal again! Xx

  14. Christopher Hunter said

    Hi Oli, I see you are recovering from your op. I hope you are getting stronger and stronger each day – just remember you are my hero and superman. You are in our thoughts all the time and I look forward to our reunion at some point.

    Best wishes, Christopher Hunter, your God Child xxxxxxxxxx

  15. mike sue pete and min said

    Dear Oli and Kati, You are both quite remarkable people and such an inspiration. Thank you Kati for keeping everyone updated on Oli’s progress, your goodness shines through your writing. Oli keep on climbing that mountain – you are doing so well. We are thinking of you all and send you our love and prayers from down under in New Zealand.
    Mike Sue Pete and Min. xxxxxx

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