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Super teeny weeny short

Posted by Oli on Saturday 24th November, 2007

Not much more news again tonight.  Oli is good, his brain and the lungs have definitely begun talking more as his CO2 levels are brilliant and if he continues to breathe deeply then he may only need two more nights on neve, hooray!

The central line in his neck which takes the antibiotics into his system packed up this eve, just as he was calming down for the day.  After one numpty doctor and three numpty failed attempts to re-site the line in his arm, a clever nurse remembered his portacath (after some gentle prompting from Oli’s Mum) and the line was sited in one attempt.

We left Oli trying to get over the stress by chilling with his Dad.  Now he has no annoying lines in his neck, I hope he sleeps better, we’ll see.

***Now we’ve reached a kind of plateau where progress is good and steady, I might not update each evening unless there is something I think you’d like to know.  So from now on no news is good news and written news is super news x***


8 Responses to “Super teeny weeny short”

  1. Audrey said

    Great news, thinking of you all xx

  2. Jayne said

    As above, great news. Been thinking about Oli and his progress every day.

    Lots of best wishes.


  3. Jacqui said

    Brilliant. x

  4. Emmie said

    So pleased things are coming along well. Love to you all as always xxxx

  5. Viks said

    Hi Oli, so glad to hear your doing well, I’ll be thinking of you over the coming weeks and checking in on your site to see any updates. Take care, Viks

  6. So great to hear that Oli is doing well. A great way to keep everyone informed – thanks for all the entries you must all be elated and exhausted. Love to you all
    Lorraine Steven Grace and Samuel

  7. Mark said

    Alright partner….keep on rollin!

  8. emma said

    sooooo pleased for oli…this was a long old wait and a life changing moment…its amazing to read the blogs as I didnt know they were being written…great to hear he’s doing well…what a trooper you really are oli….I swear you need to write a book about this…I love you soooo much oli and cant wait to see you fit and well again…

    all my love big hugs and much love…thinking about every day

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