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Posted by Oli on Wednesday 21st November, 2007

I wish I could bottle some of Oli’s inner strength, it would sell for millions!

Following the update below that I wrote at half 11 last night, there have been more amazing developments.  As of 2.30pm Oli will be out of intensive care and on to the ward, this boy clearly doesn’t hang about!

He looks amazing, in fact the only way to describe it really, would be to say that he looks alive.  Fully, properly, healthy and alive.  This has even surpassed our wildest dreams.

He’s awake and talking quite happily, taking deep breaths which amaze him as he is still breathing out after he’s stopped talking, he’s had lunch (a ham salad, but he’s not written up for creon so he couldn’t eat the ham!  I don’t think the docs even considered putting creon on the drugs chart this early), and he even cut up the bit of tomato himself.  This may seem like a little thing but it’s a HUGE deal when you’ve had a life changing operation.

That’s about all for now as I’m off back home to catch up with my family and have a bit of a rest myself.  I’ll be back tomorrow though so look for another update then.

Thanks for your patience x


12 Responses to “Superman”

  1. Jacqui said

    That’s AMAZING! He’s doing so well. Thanks for the updates. xx

  2. Naoishe said

    Wow! Go Oli. Soooo glad you got your new puffers. Yay Oli! Sending lots of love to you, K and the rest of the family.

  3. Audrey said

    🙂 Superman! Do you think that will stick? So happy to read this, it’s been a long time coming but IT HAPPENED!!

    Keep it up, Oli.

    Strawbz xx

  4. Emmie said

    Thank you SO much K for keeping us updated, you are a star. Can’t begin to imagine the roller-coaster of emotions that you yourself have been through over the last few days and nights – sending both you and Oli massive hugs. Please read this out to Oli for me if you can as I only arrived back in the UK this morning so haven’t yet had chance to send a card….

    “Oli you are a 100% superstar boy! It made my holiday to hear you had been called. Me, Brad and my Mum and Dad all went out to a bar whilst you were in the operating theatre (St Lucia is 4 hours behind UK) and drank a toast to you. We all thought about you so much and willed you on. I always knew you could do this but the fight in you is quite astounding to hear! Keep on trucking hun, you are amazing!”

    Lots of love and thoughts to you too K and also to Oli’s Mum, Dad and brother xxxxxx

  5. Linda Rowe said

    Great news. Monitoring blog. K:Great update, thank you. Love to the lovely Oli and Team Lewington.

    Linda and Ian x

  6. Sparkley said

    Superman sums it up, go dude..can’t wait to read of you running around the unit with trunk legs, no rush course, you’ve all the time in the world now! xx 🙂

  7. Aimee said

    its brilliant that you are doing so well,
    love little aimee

  8. sarah said


    i may have to send him a superman t-shirt 🙂

  9. sally said

    I am so pleased for you all and know the rollercoaster of emotions you are all on after my little brother (he also has cf) went through the same op at harefield a few months ago. I have been reading oli’s page for a long time and felt for him so much after watching james have the same struggle to do the simplest of things. It wont be long before oli is charging around like james is,amazing us all (and himself lol). Take care all of you sallyx

  10. Pops said

    Hey K, thanks so much for this, been hearing bits off tim, but good to get the longer version! I’m so massively overjoyed at all this, and Bill’s secretary has passed on the message to him, though I’ll give him another call to update him today.

    Please let him know that everyone in durham is rooting for him, I had a girl from the campaign in tears of joy the other day (which made for an interesting cafe trip, but hell!). We’re all so proud of him, he definately deserves a campaign named after him, though nto sure I can change it to “My Superman Oli” just yet…

    Big hugs to you and Tim too, thinking of you xxxxxxx

  11. Bev and Lucy Pearson said

    So really pleased to read this news, I’m a regular reader of his blog. Love and best wishes beaming their way from the New Forest to Oli, K and the rest of the family.


  12. Abi said

    Hi K,

    Sorry we’ve not met, but just wanted to say your doing a fantastic job at keeping us all updated.

    Could you send my love to Oli and tell him I am eagerly awaiting the coffee we tried to plan months ago.

    Will see you both soon.

    Lots of Love Abi xx

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