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At the end of the day

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 21st November, 2007

Well, it’s about 11:15pm and we’re exhausted.

Oli has been an absolute hero today.   After leaving theatre and being in the Intensive Therapy Unit by 7am we expected to see a very sound asleep chap for most of today and for the next few days.  We were pretty wrong, as always, Oli likes to make an impact and boy did he make a great start.  After lunch Oli’s big bro and I came back from a dash back to Milton Keynes to pick up a few mislaid essentials to find that he was already off the ventilator and breathing on his own with his new lungs, words can’t describe how wonderful and amazing it was to hear those words.  He then followed suit by talking more throughout the day, taking sips of water and transferring from an oxygen mask to nasal specs.

I’m sure this guy is super-human.

However, it is important to recognise that we are still very much in the early days and anything can happen.  He has achieved so much today, all down to his own strength and determination (maybe the doctors and nurses and other medical type people can take a little credit!), we need to acknowledge the achievement today but see each new day as another step, hopefully in a forwards direction.

If you would like to send a card, details will follow very shortly.  The same for info about any gifts you may wish to send. Watch this space…

Apologies for the slowness of updates, I’m managing to write them each night but internet access is very limited, please trust that I am updating as soon as I can log on.


7 Responses to “At the end of the day”

  1. Katie said

    Wow, that’s just incredible. I hope that today has been a good day as well. You all remain in my thoughts. Katie

  2. Alice said

    He really is a true champion! Wonderful to hear how well he’s doing! Make sure he knows we’re all cheering for him and overjoyed that he got the greatest gift ever!

    What a superstar!

    Loads of Love as always to you all,
    Alice & Joe xx

  3. Liz Upton said

    Wonderful – I’m amazed he’s off the ventilator already! Loads of love to you Oli. How’s it feel to breathe without wheezing?

  4. Frizzymum said

    I’m hearing the Rocky theme tune again… Go Oli Go! Xx

  5. Suze and Gary (and the family of course!) said

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you! Bloody wonderful news. Keep it up Oli, we’re all rooting for you everywhere. R&D Theatres are delighted for you and send their love in heaps too. xxxxxxx

  6. Linda Rowe said

    Delighted to hear the progress. What a Star!
    Polly sends her love and is keeping up with all the news.
    Lots of that love stuff from us too!
    Linda and Ian x

    K. Thank you so much for this much awaited update. We so appreciate the news,whenever you can.

  7. sandy said

    When I read how well he is doing I felt a tear down my face, I know its still very early stages for this guy but well done Oli Im so pleased for you… Keep up the hard work!
    K thanks again for keeping us updated…. its great to hear him doing so well! x x

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