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I wouldn’t read this

Posted by Oli on Thursday 20th September, 2007

I feel like I should be doing a great, big week-long catch up on here, but I don’t seem to have the impetus to go back over the whole of last week and work out what happened or didn’t.  I seem to remember largely feeling pretty knackered, thanks, no doubt, to the IV’s.

The good news is that they really did the trick and we got on top of the infection before it could develop properly.  My CRP at the start of the course was at 89, which had reduced to just 33 after 7 days, which is good going.  The extreme fighting going on is probably the major cause of the tiredness, too, alongside the drug doses.

I also feel like I should be entertaining you all with a blow-by-blow account of my troubles with Sky, but I think I’m so tired of all this malfunctioning technology and maladjusted people on the end of helplines that I can’t even bring myself to muster up a random thread of expletives to describe the situation.

The IV’s finished on Tuesday and I was up at Oxford yesterday for a quick post-IV once-over.  The best news of the 2 weeks (and recent past) is that my weight is now up to a rather impressive 54.4kg – the heaviest I’ve ever been.  I’m hoping that I can keep it on and keep adding to it even as I slowly start to reduce my steroids.   My lung function had improved greatly, too, back up to 0.8/1.3 after dipping down to 0.6/1.1.  It may not sound like much, but when you consider that’s a  25% drop in lung-function,  it goes to show why I may not have been feeling my best.

I have continued, on-and-off, to look at and sporadically work on new projects and a couple of old ones, although clearly a lack of internet access is a bit of a hindrance to most productivity.  Of course, being offline and having nothing else to use my computer for, you’d have expected, I guess, that I would make some significant progress on the screenplay.  Rather impressively, however, that’s not the case at all, and it’s sitting just as untouched today as it was when I lost the internet connection 10 days ago.

Only I could manage to ignore a chance to turn a technological disadvantage into an advantage – looking the mis-guided gift horse in the mouth, as it were.

There’s not much else to add, really – I suppose it’s been a bit of a boring week or so, or certainly that anything interesting that has happened seems far too long-winded for me to dredge back up right now.  I’m still tired.

Ho hum, let’s keep rolling along and see what tomorrow brings.  Sorry for being boring today.


2 Responses to “I wouldn’t read this”

  1. suzie said

    Oli, its just nice to hear from you, sod the work it can wait till you’re in the mood to do it.


  2. Frizzymum said

    Welcome back Oli! Xx

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