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Still here… honest.

Posted by Oli on Sunday 16th September, 2007

Just a quick note to all the regular readers who may be getting a little antsy at the lack of updates.  Full story and update when I can get online properly.

All queries should be addressed in writing to Why Can’t Sky Sort Out My Smegging Broadband, The Stupid Annoying Lazy Bunch Of Muppets c/o Sky or

Emails and blog messages welcome, but I won’t read or reply to them until I a) get my broadband up and running or b) get back over to Mum and Dad’s to check the accounts again.

Current mood: flippin’ furious.  Current status: disconnected.  Current bun: yes, please.

Stay smiley. 


3 Responses to “Still here… honest.”

  1. Jayne said

    I’m smiling, and making you a currant bun. If that helps.

  2. Jacqui said


    Hope you’re reconnected very soon. x

  3. suzie said

    I’ve been disconnected loads, its not nice. Got my special recipe out and will post you a currant loaf, its a scouser loaf so dont eat it chuck it at the sky guy when he finally gets his rear in gear, not till after he’s fixed it though.

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