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A week in revue

Posted by Oli on Saturday 25th August, 2007

This week I have been going through good days and bad days alternately almost by the book.  The annoying thing about it is that I’ve yet to put my finger on a reason why one has been good and the next bad, other than attributing it to the regular see-sawing of my chest.

Pleasantly, the ups and downs of my chest have not been matched in mood, which makes a nice change having spent so long over the last few months with every butterfly flutter of the lungs causing a storm in my brain.  This week has been pretty positive, all things considered.

I saw my bro on another one of his flying visits and we managed to get a good family night in while he was back for all of 24 hours, as well as catching up over coffee the next day, both or one of which I wouldn’t have been able to do the last time he was home.

I’ve also started to roll along (well, nudge gently) a couple of projects that have been sitting quietly on the back-burner for a while.

Today I sat down with a couple of friends to go over some ideas for a short TV spot for the Live Life Then Give Life campaign, which we’re hoping will serve as a pilot to create a series of them to spread the word about organ donation through the website and other internet video sites.

They’ve taken themselves off with our discussions and brain-storms to draw up some story boards, which I’ll then hopefully go over with my co-director on Tuesday with a view to getting them shot as soon as possible.  The advantage of not knowing how your health is going to hold up from day-to-day and week-to-week is that there is a bit of motivation to try to get things done quickly while you’re feeling good and not sit about on your butt waiting for this, that and the other to fall into place.

Of course, we all know that blogging about it is usually the kiss of death to most of my projects, so we’ll just have to hope that this is the one that breaks the cycle.

I had a long chat to the co-ordinator of the My Friend Oli campaign this week as well.  Bizarrely, although we’ve exchanged emails and messages, I’d never actually spoken to her before.  It became clear pretty much straight away, though, that we’re VERY similar people and that if we’re not careful we’ll spend all day on the phone to each other.

When we did talk business, I discovered that the campaign is actually WAY bigger than I thought it was and looks like it’s going to be all over Durham this year.  We’d really like to introduce it at other Uni’s too, but although we’ve had great support from other Chancellors (after Bill Bryson wrote to them about it) it doesn’t seem to have materialised into support from the student body – and that’s really what we need, as it needs to be co-ordinated from the inside, so to speak.

So if you know anyone who’s at Uni and fancies helping out a very worthwhile cause (with an AWESOME logo, might I add), then please please please get in touch because it would be great to spread this further afield.

It’s nice to have a few things on my plate, but not to have anything that’s too demanding, that’s pressing too hard for my attention or causing me to lose sleep.  I seem, for once, to have struck the right balance.  Let’s hope I can keep it and not find myself flailing down towards that safety net again…


One Response to “A week in revue”

  1. Pops said

    I would happily talk to you all day… I like talking, and you’re not bad either!
    Thanks for the plug! xxx

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