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Still going…

Posted by Oli on Thursday 16th August, 2007

After almost a full 24 hours tucked away in bed sleeping off the after-effects of our 3am bedtime from Tuesday, I was back up to Oxford today to finish off my IV’s and see how the exercise program appears to be working.

First of all, though, I had the morning to spend with one of my best friends who I’ve not seen for an age, who came around with her shears to attack my unruly barnet, which she did with considerable gusto, even tipping a small vat of bleach onto my head for 45 minutes.

To be honest I’m not entirely sure I like the result, but the thing with Lea’s haircuts is that in all the time she’s been doing my hair (which is about 6 years and counting now), I’ve never actually liked the cut or colour for the first 24 hours. I think it’s because it’s nearly always pretty drastic, so I’m not used to the sight that greets me in the mirror. But without fail a couple of days after I’ve had it done, I always LOVE it. I’m odd like that, but there you go.

We’ve kind of got used to each other now – she’ll finish and stand back excited and happy, cooing and purring over her handiwork and I’ll stare at myself in the mirror and um and aahhh over it for a while and generally be unenthusiastic. Then in a couple of days’ time I’ll do my hair in the morning and be straight on the phone to her to tell her how much I love it. Legend, she is.

What’s more, she’s one of those fantastic friends who you can go for months without seeing but pick up from exactly where you left off as soon as you’re back together again. We had such a great time this morning, it really helped lift any of the remaining fug from Tuesday night.

Oxford was good again. With the steroids being tailed off – reduced by a third in the last week, and with a noticeable energy reduction – I was expecting to see a pretty big difference in the workout session with Lou the physio today. So I was pleasantly surprised again (and pleasantly surprised to be pleasantly surprised again) to get through an 8-minute step-up workout with her and see my sats stay in the optimal/safe 90% range during exercise and rising back to 93/94% at rest afterwards.

The next couple of weeks is going to be the real test of the plan’s long-term prospects as I drop the IV’s and begin to slowly ween myself off of the steroids. If I can keep my appetite up and give myself enough fuel to run through the programs I’ve got, then potentially I can keep my chest feeling stronger and clearer for longer and avoid the usual post-IV dip.

The motivation is still there, even if the energy levels are more variable. It’s just a case of trying to find the right moment in each day to get the most out of my chest without leaving me exhausted for the rest of the day. It’s another of those slow learning processes, but at least it’s got very positive benefits to aim for and a real sense of achievement to top it off if it works.

The end-of-IV checks included looking at my lung function which has stayed at a fairly stable 0.8/1.4, which is good if unremarkable. Mind you, I’ve not been over 0.8 for more than a year now, I think, so it’s probably safe to say that’s pretty much my ceiling now, so as long as I’m staying there and not dropping, we know things are going OK.

Although the exercise program is unlikely to improve my base lung function, the hope is that it will help out with the oxygen flow round my body and help reduce the breathlessness. We’ll have to wait and see if the theory holds true, but for now, it’s time to plough onwards.

PS – thank you all for your wonderful comments and messages of support over the last couple of days, they really do make a massive difference in picking myself up and keeping on. And K wanted me to add big thanks to everyone for her birthday wishes to! So you all rock, muchly! xx


2 Responses to “Still going…”

  1. suzie said

    Great to hear things are at stableness mode and jolly well done to you for keeping your pecker up after your latest trek.

    Loadsa love from all in Chester. x

  2. Emily said

    show us a piccie of the swish new hair then 😉 x

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