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Step forward fitter me

Posted by Oli on Thursday 9th August, 2007

I’m off to a flying start.  Well, I suppose it’s more of a stepping start, really, but isn’t there an old Chinese saying, “Every great journey begins with a single step?” and I did, like, at least 30 and a half steps today, so I must be really well started on my great journey, even if I do have to go back and start again because I forgot my GPS and SatNav.

I woke up this morning with both my thighs telling me in great detail how they’d been brought rather rudely out of retirement yesterday without any prior warning.  I suggested back to them that they might want to get used to it because there was a lot more where that came from and oddly enough they just laughed at me.  Even my legs don’t have any faith in me.

I didn’t let it deter me, though.  I resolutely soldiered on with my day – I did my morning IV’s, I ate my breakfast, I sat on the sofa and read a little and I sat at the computer and surfed a little.  Extremely strenuous, clearly.  I also slipped back to bed to read for a bit and then do some physio and then I had some lunch.  They were still moaning, mind.

In fact, I think my quads had only just stopped giggling and been lulled into a nicely false sense of security when I took the bull by the horns (yep, the same one as yesterday) and marched to the bedroom to pull out my little yellow step from under the bed.

I think I may have to work on the phrasing around my exercise equipment, or come up with a cunning euphemism for it because, let’s face it, “little yellow step” is a bit pathetic isn’t it?  Maybe I’ll Christen it Goliath.

So I dragged Goliath from under the bed and I set myself up in the door frame to the living room – facing a bemused K sat at her desk “working” while trying to keep a straight face, clearly – and set off into my routine of step-ups.

10 and a bit minutes later I’d completed my prescribed 6 minutes, with 30 second breaks between rounds, and was feeling it, too, but happily hadn’t keeled over or gone dizzy.  I quickly knocked back a glass of milk (fluid replacement AND calorie booster rolled into one, easy, cow-born package) and hoped that foot and mouth isn’t a problem in pasteurized produce.

Goliath was kicked (sorry, hauled) to one side to wait for his return tomorrow and I sat, slightly sweaty, on the sofa with a smug look on my face with K muttering approval from behind her lap-top in the vaguely-guilty-sounding voice of someone who knows they ought to be doing something similar, too.   (Exercise-wise, that is, not sitting smugly on the sofa.)

Hurrah! then, one day down and I can feel the habit forming already.  Well, kind of.  OK, maybe it’s not the habit I feel so much as a vaguely uncomfortable stretching of the quads, but I still did it – and did it unprompted, too.

I’m actually now so scared of people with large sticks (see comments on previous post) that I think I’ve got motivation enough to last me till winter.


5 Responses to “Step forward fitter me”

  1. suzie said

    Just popped on for quick check, I’m impressed, you’re clearly not going to need as much stick weilding as some I could mention….but wont.

    Well done chuck, keep at it.

  2. Debbie (Aka Dubeerie) said

    Hi Oli,

    I am suitably impressed with your determination and love the euphemism Goliath. I pray that your thighs stop laughing and instead start working with you.

    Take care Oli and keep up the good work. It is worth it and just think of the muscular physique you will have to impress K with!!

  3. Emmie said

    Loved this post Oli, it made me all smiley :o)
    I’m just waiting for a description of people’s reactions when you start to announce “I’m just off to the bedroom to spend 10 minutes mounting Goliath”…..;o)

    Go you!! That truck sounds like it’s being cranked uo a gear – soon you’ll be keeping on ferrari-ing :o)

  4. Frizzymum said

    I can’t beat Em’s comment! Well done Oli – keep it up! (oo-er missus!)

  5. K said

    Emmie you make me giggle lots, the imagery of oli mounting goliath is a little disturbing!!!

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