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Third time (un)lucky

Posted by Oli on Saturday 28th July, 2007

I’m not entirely sure what day it is today.  I’m fairly confident it’s Saturday because there’s more sport and less Richard and Judy on TV, but as far as I’m aware it could just as easily be Tuesday week.

I’ve suffered something of a lack of sleep over the last few days and my body clock is so far out of synch I could be in Australia.  All thanks to my third aborted transplant call.

Aborted call, false alarm, non-go-ahead shout, call it what you will, it was my third foray down to Harefield in the middle of the night to be pricked, plugged and prepped for an op that never came.

This one was, however, at least mildly entertainingly different, being as I was a “back-up” recipient for the first time in my 3 calls.  The previous two times it has happened, I’ve been right ready to receive the lungs when it was decided they were no good.  This time, I was second in line to someone waiting (at another hospital) for both heart and lungs, which obviously come best as a package.  Should there have been anything wrong with the heart or should there have been any reason the other recipient was unable to go ahead with the operation,  I would have received the lungs.

This meant a very different thought process for me from the last times I was on ward F East, nervously waiting to be told if they were good enough or not.  This time, I was convinced from the moment I spoke to the T-C, Julie, at just after 11pm that it would not be my night.  Which lead, inevitably, to a VERY boring 5 hour wait in a room on the ward to be told that I wouldn’t be heading to theatre.

The saving grace of the whole night was the comforting knowledge that the heart had been fine and the heart and lungs were being transplanted into the original recipient on the list.  Not only did it mean that at least someone’s life was being transformed in the early commuter hours of Friday morning, but that the organs of a lost loved one were being put to the greatest use possible and that perhaps in days or weeks to come their family may draw some comfort from that fact.

As it happened, all the whole experience meant for me was an entire night with no sleep whatsoever, which in turn lead to sleeping from 7.30am (when we finally arrived home in the morning on Friday) until 2pm and sitting through the rest of the eternally-dragging day feeling beyond terrible, hardly able to lift myself from the bed to drink some water, let alone contemplate eating or doing anything more energetic like watching TV.

It was pretty horrible, to be honest, and a mark of how much my body now struggles to cope with the unexpected.  Without a night’s sleep to rest up and repair some of the daily damage, my body was truly struggling to cope and wasn’t backward in coming forward about it – it was making more than sure I knew about it.

Things are better today, after a sensible night’s sleep, although the tiredness is still pervasive and I could do with a kip every half-hour.  I’m sure after another day in bed and another good night’s sleep I’ll be back where I was before.

And at least this time I managed a whole 6 hours at Harefield without mortally offending someone.


11 Responses to “Third time (un)lucky”

  1. Jac said

    Really sorry it wasn’t the call for you. I hope with some good rest and relaxation you will be feeling a bit more on track again – ready for the real call 🙂

  2. Emmie said

    Oh Oli, I’m so sorry it wasn’t third time lucky for you. But at least the calls are coming and they are clearly aware of just how important you are on that list. That horrible confused sleep-depravation feeling is the worst thing in the world, even for a healthy person, so I’m not suprised your body has thrown a mega-strop. Keep on trucking hun, next time will be the one! xxx

  3. Jacqui said

    Sorry this wasn’t your time.x

  4. Hope you get that call soon Oli!

  5. Emily said

    Thinking of you Oli, as are harefield obviously….keep on keeping on x

  6. Suze said

    At least someone has the the use of them – sorry it’s not you though but you’re time is so, so close now (I can feel it in my water!).
    Seriously, shame it wasn’t the ‘third time lucky’ but at least now you won’t have to hear that phrase again. I know you got a little tired of hearing it. Your time is there within your reach now babe.

  7. Sandy Dunfey said

    Hope the call comes with your new lungs soon Oli…. Hope you have rested lots and your body is behaving itself a bit better now…. Keep fighting, that call is just around the corner… x

  8. suzie said

    Thinking about you chuck and as always we all have everything crossed here that the next call will be the one.

    Keep your chin up Oli.
    Sue x

  9. Katie said

    Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you this time. Everything crossed that your own call will come very soon. I hope you are feeling a little less tired today.

  10. Frizzymum said

    Hugs to you, K and your folks. I got “a feeling” a few days before Emily got her transplant, and I have the same feeling for you now. Hang in there hunny. Xx

  11. Rachel said

    Hang on in there Oli – be positive – it will happen. I have now had four false alarms or dress rehersals – so you have nearly caught me up!! Lets hope the next call will be the one for both of us.

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