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I said that

Posted by Oli on Friday 20th July, 2007

It’s interesting when you do interviews for newspapers, because you never quite know how they’re going to turn out. My experience up to now has been limited to the odd local newspaper reporter giving me a buzz on the phone and doing a bit of a catch-up to expand on a press release they’ve received and the ensuing article rarely bares much semblance to the truth, or to what I said.

What with the perception of the tabloid newspapers in this country for sensationalism and tarting things up, I wasn’t holding out too much hope of seeing my views expressed in the article due in the Daily Mirror.

Imagine my surprise, and yes, my guilty and grudging admission that I was wrong, when I opened today’s Mirror to find not only a brilliantly written appeal for organ donors through their One in a Million campaign, but also the bare minimum of sensationalism in my story. Every quote that is attributed to me, I actually said – that’s something I’ve never experienced before!

It’s great to see organ donation being pushed more and more into people’s consciousness. As I said yesterday, we need to keep encouraging people to sign up and make a difference. In fact, if everyone who said they supported organ donation actually signed the organ donor register, we wouldn’t need drastic measures like the Opt-Out system.

For those of you who’ve not rushed out to pick up a Mirror today (probably still smarting from rushing out yesterday only to discover I wasn’t there…), here’s the link to the article on the web page. I like it, says a lot.


7 Responses to “I said that”

  1. Bruce said

    That was great, I’ll steal a real copy from my grandad tonight.

    Elaine and I are merrily whoring away the register =)

    Erm, that makes sense to us at least.

    Hope everything’s ok.

  2. robyn said

    a really good article…and i like the link to ‘more sex and health’ in the corner 😉

  3. Jac said

    Great article 🙂 At least you were only one day out – I think I was telling people to buy the Daily Mail for about 6 weeks before I finally appeared in it, by which time even I was beginning to think I had imagined the whole interview, lol.

  4. Suze said

    Not that I would expect anything else but great article – seems that it’s the right angle The Mirror are taking and people are signing up – bloody great! xxx

  5. Suzie said

    My mother got me out of bed ringing me this morning to tell me my friend was in today’s(she’d text yesterday to say you were’nt in it, after I’d bought one) she then proceeded to read me the whole article over the phone while I had only one eye open. I had to go out and buy one myself so I could read it leisurely with my brekkie.

    Very very well done Oli, a well presented article.
    Sue x

  6. Nick and Mel said

    Hello mate
    Just thought we would let you know we are mega proud of you. The article was great and the photo was great.
    We are spreading the word as much as we can. Hopefully se you on sunday
    Love Mel xxxx
    and also from
    Nick (no kisses)

  7. Emily said

    Fab stuff Mr! Yay you!! 😀

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