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A desire to do

Posted by Oli on Saturday 14th July, 2007

What seems to consume me more than anything else at the moment is an overwhelming desire to “do” something – anything really. I spend so much of my time sitting around, either watching TV or surfing the internet looking for articles and information which may interest, entertain or educate me that I just crave the normality of “doing” something.

It doesn’t help that my favourite films and TV shows are ones showing people with high-powered, mile-a-minute jobs which demand 100% attention from them at all hours of the day. I think I’m a frustrated workaholic. There’s so much I want to be doing which I just can’t do because my energy reserves are lower than an Iraqi oil refinery once the US has taken it’s “share” from the depot.

It’s one of the sillier frustrations with my life and I suppose it’s only natural when one is confined within the same four walls 24/7 with barely a break for air. I guess it’s also the attraction of being well enough not to have to think about whether I’ve got enough energy or if I’m well enough to do a job or make a trip or take a meeting – a pleasure I’ve not enjoyed for a good few years now.

When I think about it, my situation now isn’t all that different to how it was a few years ago, it’s just that all my timescales have telescoped. Whereas when I was at work I had to think about whether I had enough energy to do something on both Tuesday and Wednesday, I now have to wonder whether I can do something at 10am and 11am. All that’s changed is the timescale and the size of the task.

When you look at it like that, it takes away a touch of the rougher side of life. It’s all too easy to dwell on the things you miss most when you’re pretty much invalided out of life. But making the fight seem familiar somehow lessens the blow and makes things more comprehensible, even if it doesn’t necessarily make them any better.

It’s all about perception – something I know I’ve written about on here more than once – and the advantage of perception is also its curse, namely that it’s easy to have when you’re feeling OK, but it’s the first thing to abandon you when you start to slide backwards.

Here’s hoping I can cling to this little slice of perceptive thinking for at least a few days and keep myself in an upbeat mood. I much prefer me when I’m like this.


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