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British Rail Sunday

Posted by Oli on Monday 9th July, 2007

It would appear that my Monday was, in fact, a delayed Sunday (or a British Rail Sunday, as I prefer to call it), bringing with it as it did all of the slowed-down, energy-less deflation that I was expecting to get as a hangover from my Brummy exertions.

I haven’t been feeling completely rubbish, but it was certainly a LOT harder to get up and out of bed this morning than it has been for the last week or so.

A good session of physio once I had managed to get up and about seemed to sort things out, but I took the day very easy anyway, spending most of it on the sofa watching the extras on my King Kong DVD (have been totally addicted to the superb production diaries) and getting through 3 episodes of the first season of Entourage, a show which managed to sneak under my radar but which is brilliantly my kind of thing, following as it does the path of a Hollywood actor and his close-knit bunch of friends. Aspirational TV, I guess you could call it.

Once my batteries were sufficiently DVD-charged, I did manage to plonk my butt down in the study and get some work done, reviewing pages for the new issue of CF Talk and responding to some emails which have been hanging around for my attention for a while.

Also had to tune in to Richard & Judy this evening to catch the ever-wonderful Emily turning on the charm for Mr & Mrs daytime (or is it prime-time?) TV, along with her charming and incredibly open mother, whom I like to call Mrs T. Using footage from the various interviews they’ve done with Emily over years, pre- and immediately post-transplant, I have yet to see a more convincing advert for the benefits of organ donation that seeing the contrast in Emily in those films.

The thought of the immense and immeasurable ways in which my life could change with just one phone call is at once hugely exciting and tremendously saddening. It is impossible to see into the future and to know what lies in store for me, but the thought of such amazing, intangible possibilities sitting so close but so very far from reach is a hard one to reconcile in one’s mind.

It’s a process in which I feel like a terrified passenger, willing the runaway train to stay on track and ease into the station set for new life, whilst all the while knowing that one little bump will send it hurtling off the rails.

How do you live your life from day-to-day with something like that hanging over your head? I’m not sure even I know, except to say that if I wasn’t living it, then there’d be no point waiting for the transplant, I guess.

So, for those of you who are in touch with the Big Man Upstairs, now’s the time to get on your knees, bow your heads or do whatever comes most naturally to you when you pray and ask Him to bless me with a second chance. And for those of you who don’t believe, well, maybe He’d like to hear from you, too.


5 Responses to “British Rail Sunday”

  1. Nicola said

    Hi Oli,

    I haven’t popped by for a while to see how you are getting on,so thought now was as good a time as any.I’m not on my knees or bowing my head but I am asking the Boss up there to do his very best to make sure that a second chance comes your way mighty soon.

    Take Care x.

  2. Emily said

    I always got my CF hangovers the day after the day after too. Weird isn’t it. Am not religious at all but doing all I can….keep on keeping on chuck xx

  3. Frizzymum said

    I’ve been trying to get the Big Guy on the phone, but turns out he’s been busy talking to a guy called Noah up in Hull….

    Hang in there hunny – you know we’re all willing things to happen for you.


  4. Katie C said

    Ay, Oli, I am imploring the big guy on your behalf, keep fighting.. k x

  5. Suzie said

    Loads being said here Oli. Thinking about you chuck. xxx

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