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Hooray, not rubbish!

Posted by Oli on Sunday 8th July, 2007

Woke up this morning later than I have been – all of 9.30am – fully expecting to feel worse than horrible and was surprise (and delighted) to discover I didn’t.

In fact, I felt as good if not better than I had the previous morning.  No complaints from me on that one.  I was a little bit more chesty than I have been, but I think that’s down to not getting as long a session of physio in last night as I would usually do, largely due to being so shattered from the day.

I’ve spent the day on the sofa doing next to nothing – watched the British Grand Prix and then realised that all through this season I’ve sat and watched races, only to remember with a quarter of the race to go that I really don’t like F1 anymore because it’s so chuffing dull.  When the only time cars overtake each other is when one of them stops for petrol, you know you’ve got a problem with your sport, surely?

I remember the olden days when the cars used to drive quite close together and every now and again one of them would try to get past another one IN A CORNER – oh, the memories.  I still have no idea why I sat through all 60 laps of today’s GP other than using the excuse that I was deliberately trying to do nothing.

My dad has it right – he Sky+’s most of the races, and then zips through them at x6 speed, which is much more interesting.

To break from the sporting tedium, we sat and watched The Queen this evening, which was entertaining, but no where near as grand as it’s been reported to be.  Helen Mirren is outstanding, but the script is INCREDIBLY clunky in the first 10-15 minutes where the filmmakers are clearly working over-time to make sure that all the Americans who want to watch the film are up to speed with how our country works with the monarchy, the Prime Minister and all the rest of our constitutional gubbins.

It’s hideously badly handled, although I suppose the defence would be that it had to be shoe-horned in to make the film make sense to the foreign markets.  I still think there are other ways of doing it, though.

The cast are generally very good, although some veer towards the bad side of impressionism and caricature,  and the idea of a peering into the Royal household at such a difficult time is intriguing, even if some of the scenarios they come up with stretch the bounds of believability a little.

I was worth seeing to see what all the fuss was about, but I wouldn’t rush out to pick myself up a copy (our copy being a lovefilm rental).

Hoping for an early night tonight, although with my brain running the way it does at the moment, I’ll be wide awake again come 8.30 and it’ll take me till midnight to feel sleepy again.


3 Responses to “Hooray, not rubbish!”

  1. Suzie said

    Hey Oli, its good to see you back chuck, I remember the days when hubby was on the end of his seat watching F1, he still watches in the hope that maybe… will get interesting again.

    Take care you
    Sue x

  2. Toria said

    I remember F1 being better too, Daddy and I used to watch it when I was little cheering on Nigel Mansel and cursing Shumackers cheating ways!! It’s a shame the rule changes they made haven’t had the desired impact, personally I’ve moved onto Redbull plane flying!

    I’m equally amazed as you that you didn’t feel to bad on Sunday, I was expecting a low post, so was delighted to hear you weren’t feeling too rough. Just make sure that doesn’t go to your head though, you know what you’re like :op

    I’m so glad to see you back and posting, I have been checking every few days, and at first assumed you were off doing other things, or it had been proving too much effort, though I was getting to the point that I was starting to worry about you and was going to embark upon more of a hunt!

    We’re all rooting for you honey, stay strong

    Big Cuddles


  3. Frizzymum said

    Hiya hunny – glad to have regular posts again…I’ve missed you! So sorry I couldn’t get up to Birmingham to see you and the rest of the gang on Saturday.

    Looking forward to hearing lots more from you, and hopefully having the chance to meet up again soon! Auntie Frizz Xx

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