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Posted by Oli on Saturday 7th July, 2007

So it turned out that my chest decided not to try any last minute histrionics and I did make it up to Birmingham today.

I’m sure there will be much amusing cross-bloggage between myself, Emily and Emma on the subject, but since I appear to have got here first, I’ll be popping my smug face on. Or possibly reflecting on the fact that they clearly have better things to do with their Saturday nights than sit in front of their computer detailing their day. Ho hum.

Today saw the beginning of National Transplant Week, which runs until next Saturday, and to mark the occasion the Live Life Then Give Life team assembled in Victoria Square in Birmingham to create the world’s biggest Loveheart (you know, those little hard sweets with “Date me” or “Sexy” written in the middle).

The idea was to create a 1 metre wide version, which, when finally calculated, required a massive 70kg of icing, which all had to be rolled out, dyed, plastered together in a neat round shape, then have the heart-shape and letters spelling out the organ donation line phone number placed on top.

Due to the hugely limited reserves of energy I have now, however, most of the fun of the day was off-limits to me, with my arrival timed to coincide with the completion of the finished loveheart around 3pm, when we hoped to have some press along to mark the occasion.

Mum and Dad drove over and collected K and me just after 1pm and we headed up the M1 to Birmingham in really good time, car loaded down with my newly acquired wheelchair, plenty of spare oxygen, a snack-box of energy-boosters and spare bits and pieces like paracetamol, which I’ve found immensely useful in recent weeks for calming hyper-active chest flaring moments.

I have to confess that I was pretty nervous going out of the house today. Things can change so rapidly from moment to moment with my chest at the moment that the prospect of traveling quite so far from the relative comfort and safety of home, where my bed and Neve are always to hand, concerned me. The prospect of getting into difficulties in a car on the motorway filled me with a kind of nervousness I’ve not experienced before and it really threw me off.

That said, it was a really wonderful afternoon – everyone there was so fun and friendly. I saw a few faces I’d met previously at Laughter for Life and met a few people who I’ve only had contact with via email and message boards up to now.

It was fantastic to be out in the open air and having some fun with people, compared to my usual life at the moment of sitting around at home doing hardly anything at all. The daily grind of nebs, physio, more nebs, resting, nebbing, physioing and on and on in a loop is brought into focus by a break from routine like today.

My chest behaved admirably. Once we got home it gave only the mildest of complaints, letting me know that it had done quite enough for the day, thank you very much, but not ranting and raving about it as it sometimes deems necessary.

I’ve been pretty spectacularly tired all evening, but have forced myself to stay awake so I get a good night’s sleep tonight, which I’m now assured of, so I’m going to whisk myself off to hit the hay and catch up on other things tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who helped out today, and to everyone who popped down to say hello. We made an odd sight in the centre of Birmingham, standing over a giant sweet in various random states of hilarity and occasional fits of giggles, but we made contact with a lot of people and passed on the message of organ donation, which is what this week (and our campaign) is all about.


4 Responses to “Brum”

  1. Rob said

    It’s great to see you writing new blogs – I was missing them

  2. Emily said

    and what a day it was!! All the better for having you join us down there 😉 x

  3. Emmie said

    I was just wondering if Kati minded you being so open about missing your bed and Neve, when I twigged who (or rather what) Neve was!

    So great to have you there yesterday! xxxx

  4. K said

    Tee hee! I’m used to sharing Oli with Neve and Claire, I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t start preferring them to me – I’d definitely be worried if that happened and would have to call for the men in white coats to come and take him away!

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