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(Whisper it) I’m writing

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 16th May, 2007

Believe me, it’s amazing myself as much as anything, but so far this week, I’ve exceeded my target of 6 pages a day three days in a row – how brilliant is that?

I’ve no idea where this sudden glut of motivation or inspiration has come from, but suddenly things seem to have developed their own sense of momentum and I’m rolling along at a cracking pace and really enjoying myself, too.

It’s not just my new script that’s coming on leaps and bounds.

Live Life Then Give Life is still going strong, expanding all the time and the team behind it has grown and solidified into a (hard)core of people dedicated to improving organ donation in this country.  It’s a privilege to be involved with such a great campaign and group of people, who all work incredibly hard and really spur each other on to greater and greater things.

National Transplant Week, set up and run by Transplants in Mind (TiM) is in July and we’re all working feverishly to see what ways we can come up with to publicise it and raise as much awareness as we can.

There’s also the new issure of CF Talk which is coming together really nicely and now sits with the designers, who are currently working their very particular brand of magic on it.  I love the work our designers do on the mag and this is always the most exciting stage of an issue for me, where I hand them the copy and they come back a week or so later with some cracking imagery.

What’s always really funny about the whole process is that they are fantastically open to comments and ideas on all of the stuff they do, but there’s so rarely anything I want to change with the stuff they come up with it almost always goes to print identically to the first draft version I get sent through.  I suppose it’s a perfect illustration of a team working in harmony together to get all the elements looking their best.

I weary at the moment that it is almost always when things are rolling along at their best that the trip-ups tend to come.  But at the same time, knowing the up-and-down nature of my health at the moment, it seems all the more reason to enjoy doing all of these things while I can without fretting about the “what ifs” or the “what’s coming next”.

I suppose it’s something akin to parents trying to wrap their children in cotton wool. If you never allow your child to go out in the garden and play in the mud and put themselves at risk of germs and all the things children come into contact with then they may very well not get ill and stay more healthy than other children, but they also lose a large chunk of what it is to be a child – to explore the world and find out first hand that mud is mucky and worms don’t taste very nice.

And so it is for me at the moment.  I could easily shut myself away in my bedroom and rest 24/7, spending my days eating, sleeping and doing treatments.  But I don’t want to look back at this time pre-transplant when I’ve finally had my op and think of all the things I missed out on because I was too worried about what would happen next.

If a downturn is coming, then so be it – I’ll take it on the chin and ride it out like all the others.  I hope I can stave it off and continue to enjoy the good side of life.  But whatever happens, it’s not going to stop me doing the things that mean something to me.


2 Responses to “(Whisper it) I’m writing”

  1. Suzie said

    Top attitude Oli.

    Sue x

  2. Fi Connon said

    I’m just starting on the road of thinking along those lines Oli, so thank you for expressing it so well. It’s hard not to shelter away and protect yourself, and it’s hard delimiting what’s worthwhile and what isn’t. There are so many things to do in life, I guess we just have to be glad that we’ve already done what we’ve done!

    Keep up the good work and the good spirit 🙂

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