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No cards, please, it’s my birthday

Posted by Oli on Monday 14th May, 2007

For those of you who are not on my email list (you lucky, lucky people) and who may be close enough to me for this to matter, here is a copy of an email I sent out last week proclaiming my up-coming 25th birthday:

“Dear one and all,

As I’m sure you’re aware (ahem), the 25th of this month sees me notch up a quarter of a century on this planet.  Whilst that may be an ambitious target for the English cricket team, it was one that at one time or another many have believed to be beyond me.  Thanks to brilliant medical teams from Northampton (as a kiddie) and Oxford (as a growed up), I’ve celebrated many more birthdays than I may have otherwise.

Although I may not be a picture of health, I could certainly pose for happiness: I am surrounded by family and friends whom I love very dearly and who love me just as much in return (that’s you, that is!).  I’m blessed to be in a position where I don’t really want for anything more than a new pair of blowers to enjoy your company all the more.

Because I consider myself to be so lucky and to be in need of so little, I have decided this year that I would rather put all of your love and good will to use and ask you to make a donation to charity rather than buying me anything or sending me a card.

I don’t expect any huge sums, all I ask is that whatever you would have spent on me (even if it’s just £1.50 for a card and a stamp), you instead donate to the CF Trust through where you can also leave me a birthday message.  Like the ad says, every little helps.

For the traditionalists who still want to make contact on my birthday, you can email me or text me instead and save not only trees, but perhaps some lives too.

And if I’ve been far too presumptuous and you wouldn’t have bothered sending a card, then that’s fine, too.  I still love you all the same.

With love and best wishes to all,



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