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Posted by Oli on Thursday 22nd February, 2007

Normally, I’d have edited my last post to include this little epilogue, but I thought it was such a wonderfully tightly-written ode to self-pity that I’d leave it untouched for all to see that I’m not necessarily the relentless optimist I sometimes make myself out to be.

Anyway, it’s worth noting that while I say today has been rubbish, and physically, I’m right, it has, I’ve actually had two really good things happen which I suppose is something I should be clinging to, even if I do feel a bit poo right now.

First off I got in touch with a friend who used to work at the Theatre here who’s now tech’ing down in Bromley and he thinks he’s managed to sort us out a spot light for the show.  I’d spoken to the venue earlier in the week as they’d told us that they were happy for us to bring our own follow-spot operator with us so we wouldn’t have to pay their technician to do it, only to find out after arranging an op that they don’t actually have any spots any more!

But, thanks to Gary it looks like we’ll be squared away with one for the night, which is BRILLIANT really.

And secondly I had a really nice chat with Bill Bailey’s agent who also represents Glenn Wool and Rob Rouse.  I’d sent him a draft running order from the night and he’s been speaking to Rob about it, who gave me some brilliant pointers on how to make the best use of the guys and their time.

Coming from a Theatre background, I’m fairly good at knowing what pieces need to be in place for an event like this, but it being stand-up there’s lots of bits which are specific to the “genre” as it were which I’m not so au fait with, so it was great to get feedback from Pat and Rob about the night and make sure we’re putting on the very best possible gig for the punters who’ve stumped up their hard-earned to see some top acts and raise some cash for transplant services in the UK.

So although I can sit and wallow in my own little malaise if I want to, there’s really good reasons not to be too glum.

It’s all about perspective and I guess I’m struggling on that front just now.


One Response to “BUT…”

  1. Emmie said

    Go Oli! Go Oli! Go! Go! Go!

    *pats co-pilot on the back with vigour*

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